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Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2207822
A teacher finds herself stuck in an awkward position while trying to retrieve her keys.
Twenty-nine year old school teacher Miss Charlotte Jackson was walking around the school grounds when she accidentally tripped over a rock and watched in horror as her car keys flew out of her jacket pocket and into a nearby pipe.

The young woman was 6'0,148 pounds,had long curly blond hair and blue eyes covered by glasses.
She wore a short red dress with black tights and a black leather jacket over the top of it which covered her curvaceous figure.

Charlotte ran over to the pipe and stuck her hands inside but still the keys were just out of her reach as she then realised that she would have to enter the pipe despite her worries about possibly getting stuck due to it's rather small size and her curvy figure.

The young blond stuck her head inside the pipe and after a brief struggle,her entire top half was soon inside,leaving only her hips backside and legs sticking out.

Charlotte grabbed her keys and put them back in her jacket pocket and also found a red rose and put in her hair before trying to back out of the pipe but was shocked to discover that she couldn't.
"That's not good," said the young woman as she placed her hands against the pipe and pushed and pushed with all her might but still it refused to release it's grip on her.

The now concerned and slightly annoyed Charlotte then tried to push and wiggle herself free again,even putting her right foot against the pipe for more leverage but still she just refused to budge and was completely and utterly stuck.

"Oh,it's no use,I can't believe I'm actually stuck," said the young blond as she remembered that her phone was outside in her bag and called out, "help,could someone please help me,I'm stuck,help," but no one was nearby to hear her voice.

Charlotte had spent the last 15 minutes trying to unsuccessfully push and wiggle herself free again when she heard a bird tweeting behind and said, "I don't think you'll be any help to me," as the bird then grabbed onto the seat of her dress and began pulling.

Hey,stop pulling at my dress like that,it was really expensive," said the young woman as she wiggled her rear end but still the bird continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard.

Charlotte's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the bird had pulled off the seat of her dress and the back of her tights,exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by white panties with tiny teddy bears on them as the bird then flew away again.

"This is the most humiliating day of my life," said the young blond as she hoped that none of the students found her in such an awkward position.

A girl named Anna who was one of Charlotte's students was walking passed when she noticed a woman's backside sticking out of a pipe and went over to investigate and noticed her teacher's bag.
"Miss Jackson,is that you,are you stuck in there," asked the student.

Despite feeling humiliated that she had been found by a student in such a humiliating situation,Charlotte replied,"Yes Anna,it's me and yes,I am stuck,could you please go and get help?"

Anna did as she was told and ten minutes later,returned with Lisa,Charlotte's assistant,Michael,another teacher at the school and Celina,the school secretary as the three newcomers burst out laughing when they saw Charlotte's barely-covered backside sticking out the pipe.

The humiliated young blond explained the entire situation as Lisa said, "don't worry,I'll pull you out," as she then grabbed onto Charlotte's hips and pulled and pulled with all her might but still the pipe just refused to let go as Lisa lost her grip and onto backwards onto the ground.

"It's no good,she just won't budge," said Lisa as she got back up to her feet.
"Maybe if we form a chain behind her and we all pull together,she'll come free," said Anna.

"It's worth a try," said Lisa as she grabbed onto Charlotte's hips,Michael pulled Lisa's waist while Celina pulled Michael's shirt and Anna pulled the hem of Celina's short dark blue skirt.

"Everyone,heave," said Lisa as the tug of war with the pipe began.
"OW,that really hurts," said the young woman as she still didn't move a single inch.
"Heave," said Lisa again as the four pulled and pulled even harder.
"OW,this isn't going to work,I think I'm going to be pulled in half," said Charlotte as the pipe still refused to let go of her.
"Come on everyone,we can do this,put your backs into it,heave," said Lisa as the four pulled and pulled and pulled with all their strength as Charlotte was stretched to her limit as the epic struggle continued.

A POP sound was suddenly heard as Charlotte was pulled from the pipe at last,sending the five tumbling backwards into a heap on the grass outside.
"Thank goodness for that," said the young blond as she hugged and thanked everyone for pulling her free before remembering that her underwear was showing and quickly used her black leather jacket to cover up the hole in her dress.

Everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they went back into the school and promised to never mention the incident to anyone else.
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