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Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2207922
A young man finds his wife stuck in an awkward position and struggles to get her free.
Twenty-five year old Colin Thompson had just returned home after a day of work and couldn't find his wife Linda until he walked out to the garden and burst into laughter when he saw her barely-covered backside sticking out of a fence and went over to investigate.

The young man was 5'5,135 pounds,had short black hair and blue eyes covered by glasses.
He wore a white shirt with a blue tie and a blazer jacket over the top of it and black trousers.

"Linda,why is your butt sticking out of our fence with your underwear showing," said the confused Colin.

The young curvy blond explained that she had accidentally tripped over a rock and her wedding ring had come off and she gotten herself stuck while retrieving it and that the two's dog Baxter had ripped off the seat of her skirt and tights while trying to get her free.

The young man said,"sounds like you've had a difficult day but don't worry,I'll pull you out and then make dinner," as he then grabbed onto his wife's hips and pulled and pulled with all his might.
Linda placed her hands against the fence and pushed and the two pulled and pushed with all their strength but despite the fence making a few creaking sounds,it refused to release it's grip on the young woman.

"It's no use honey,you just won't budge," said the exhausted young man as he then asked his wife if she wanted him to call for more help.

"Please don't,I don't want anyone else to see my underwear,could you please try and pull me out again," said Linda.

Colin grabbed onto his wife again and the two pulled and pushed with all their strength for several minutes without any success as the young man lost his grip and tumbled onto the grass.

"Well I think we're established that pulling isn't going to work," said the young man as he tried to think of how to free his wife.

Linda then said, "go inside and get the better and rub it on me and maybe I'll come free."

Colin did as he was told and returned with the butter and rubbed it around Linda's lower half and then tried to pull her free again but couldn't get a good grip on her hips due to the butter.
The young man then decided to pull his wife's legs and pulled and pulled with all his might while Linda pushed but to the two's disbelief,the fence still refused to let her go.

"I think I'm going to be stuck in this stupid fence forever," said the young blond.

Realising that his wife wasn't coming out any other way,Colin backed up before running towards Linda and rammed his right shoulder into her curvaceous behind,causing her to say,"OW," as a POP sound was heard.

Linda said, "why did you do that," before she noticed that she could see her lower half again at last and got up to her feet and ran over to Colin,who lifted her over the fence as the two hugged and kissed.

The young woman thanked her husband for freeing her as she then used her hands to cover up the hole in her skirt as the two began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they went inside to relax with Baxter after all their efforts.
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