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A story about a woman encounter an Angel during the Christmas season.
It was the Christmas week and Alicia wasn't even ready for the

holiday's. She hadn't even started yet it was all her fault, if only she had

started earlier. This wouldn't be happening to her now she wouldn't be in

in panic mode. Which she so didn't want to be in now, she didn't even have

a tree, no presents, nothing. This was going to take a Christmas miracle

for her, because that was exactly what she needed.

How had the time gone so fast? The questions went unanswered and

all she wanted to do was weep. There wasn't any consoling her, well she

just had to suck it up and go shopping. Which was the first thing on her

Christmas list. Alicia was going to text her friend Alana and see if she was

in the mood to go with her.

This was a crucial time where friends stuck together, because that was

what they did. When her cell binged Alicia pounced on it right away, hoping

the answer would be what she was looking for. When she read the text it

was a no she was going solo. It annoyed her but then it was a Saturday

and Alana was busy with her family.

Well she could handle this she told herself, it was going to be easy,

but when she got to the mall was so packed. All Alicia wanted to do was

get out, but she would prevail. Then she saw an old lady sitting by herself

at a table. It looked like the woman was sad she didn't like to see anyone

that way. Especially around the holiday's it looked like the lady could use

a friend.

Alicia needed a break her feet where soar she had already been to a

couple places. She didn't know how some people did it, shopped and

shopped, never getting annoyed, but loving every minute of it. Which is

what it seemed like she was doing. So far she was in a jovial mood, the

bus ride to the mall had been uneventful.

Already she had found a couple of gifts that had thrilled her, she knew

that Alana would love them. It was probably a good thing she didn't come

along, because this way she would surprise her. Alicia was famished after

all the walking she did. It was as if the lady sensed her presence, because

she turned around.

There was something in her eyes that Alicia couldn't seem to extract

herself away from. The lady was familiar like she had seen her somewhere

before. Alicia felt like she had known her and wanted to sit down, to chat

with her. There was a friendly aura about her that she was drawn to, she

sat across from the lady.

Where Alicia took out a bottle of water she needed a drink, being

thirsty too. The lady watched her, smiling, her eyes glittering like blue

sapphire gems. There was also a warmth about the lady, Alicia felt like

she could sit with her forever. It was bizarre because she never did

something so spontaneous like this before.

''Hi, I am Alicia, and you are looking sad, you okay?" Alicia took a

sip of her bottled water. It was better to bring her own not that she was

cheap, she felt more satisfied. Already she had felt better, being able to

get a couple of gifts. There was a tree she had seen in the window and

that was on her agenda next.

''I should be asking you that.'' The woman spoke softly, it was as if

a breeze would blow by her. Alicia wondered if she looked that stressed


''I am fine.'' Alicia took a gulp this time, she was parched, as the lady

sat there watching her.

''It looks like your doing some shopping, the mall can be hectic this

time of year.'' The woman didn't even blink an eyelash, it was eerie but

instead of being afraid. Alicia felt mesmerized she was drawn to this


''Yes it can, and your name would be?" Alicia would feel better if

she was on a first name basis.

''My name is Angel.'' It was all she said elaborating nothing more,

it seemed to be appropriate for the season.

''Okay Angel, you sure are a mystery.'' Alicia hadn't meant to blurt

it out, but she did. It looked like the lady was ready to burst into tears,

but then her eyes remained dry. Alicia felt like the woman had a world

of troubles on her shoulders.

''Yes I suppose I am, and I know that you are having your own

troubles.'' Angel went on to tell her all about her troubles she didn't

even know her. It was some what disconcerting, that this stranger

should know so much about her.

''I just needed to take a break, its all done now.'' Alicia got up and

was ready to leave. The lady went and put her hand on her arm, and

her eyes spoke volumes she wanted her to stay.

''Stay.'' She voiced the one word that Alicia had seen her, compelled

her, if that was her request then so be it. Where she had the time to sit

for a bit longer, to linger, to listen. If that was so what the lady Angel desired

she would be there for her.

The lady had bought both of them a tea and the time seemed to take

off like a rocket. Where she listened to the ladies woes and at the of

it an hour later. The lady seemed to brighten even more, all she needed

was someone to listen to her. Where she had an open ear to open up

her heart.

Then the tables turned and the lady listened to her another hour went

by, but both of them felt enlightened and elated. When Alicia looked at the

time she shot up like a shooting star,

''I must get going, the time slipped away on me. I better leave, thanks

so much for the tea and conversation.'' When Alicia got up she had never

felt so light like she had angel wings on her shoulder's. She didn't get much

done, but in essence Alicia, thought she got a lot done.

''You be off dear, I feel so much lighter with our talk.'' Alicia had turned

to thank her one more time. When she did the lady was gone it was such

an eerie feeling

"Where did she go?" Alicia wondered out loud, she wanted to go look

for her. Then lo and behold she saw her friend Alana walking towards her,

they hugged each other.

''Did you see that woman? She was just hear.'' Alana looked at her,

she took her by the arm and they where off.

Then later on back at her place, Alicia still wondered about the woman,

since then she hadn't been so stressed. There was a knock at the door and

a guy stood there holding a tree. It was the first of many incidents, but all

in all Alicia had gotten everything done two days before Christmas.

When she sat around the Christmas tree with her hot cocoa and her

friend Alana, she thought of the strange woman with the sapphire striking

blue eyes. She truly was an Angel in disguise because since the time she

saw her everything went and worked out for the better. She looked at the

Angel on top of the tree and knew that she had been visited by a winged

being and truly had been blessed.
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