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Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2208404
A young man gets himself stuck in an awkward situation while retrieving his wife's present
Twenty-seven year old Patrick Patterson was looking for his wife Penny's Christmas present and moved a chest of drawers and found it inside a rather small hole in the middle of the couple's bedroom wall.

The young man was 6'5,230 pounds,had short black hair and blue eyes.
He wore a red t-shirt and denim jeans which covered his curvaceous hips and bubble butt which his wife joked were even bigger then hers.

Patrick stuck his hands inside the hole to grab the present but it was just out of his reach as he realised that he would have to enter the hole to get it despite it's rather small size.

The young man stuck his head inside the hole and after a brief struggle,his entire top half was soon inside,leaving only his hips,behind and legs sticking out.

Patrick grabbed the present and then tried to back out of the wall but was shocked to discover that he couldn't.
"This could be a problem," said the young man as he placed his hands against the hole and pushed and pushed with all his might but still it refused to release it's grip on him.
The now concerned and slightly frustrated Patrick then tried to push and wiggle himself free again,even putting his left foot against the wall for more leverage but still he just refused to budge and was completely and utterly stuck.

"Oh,it's no use," said the exhausted young man as he then thought about calling his wife for help but remembered that his phone was on the kitchen table and realised that he was going to be stuck for a while.

While waiting for help,Patrick felt something sniffing at his behind but was disappointed to hear a mow and realised that it was the couple's cat Lilly and said, "I don't suppose you could help me," as the cat then grabbed onto the seat of his jeans and began pulling.

"Hey,I didn't mean that type of help,stop pulling at my jeans," said the young man as he wiggled his rear end but still the cat continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard.
Patrick's face turned beet red with embarrassment as he realised that the cat had pulled off the seat of his jeans,exposing his black boxers covered bubble butt.

"This is so humiliating," said the young man as he then heard his wife Penny say, "honey,I'm home,where are you," and realised that his day was about to become even more embarrassing.

The curvaceous young blond walked into the couple's bedroom and burst into laughter when she saw her husband's backside sticking out of the wall and said, "honey,are you stuck in there?"

The young man explained the entire situation as his wife joked,"no wonder you're considering how big your butt is due to all these biscuits and cakes you eat. "

"I find it ironic that you're talking about the size of my behind considering how big yours has gotten in the last few months and the fact that your favourite skirt ripped when you were bending over last week," replied Patrick.

Penny blushed and placed her right hand over her curvaceous behind and said," I'll admit that you have a point,how about I pull you out now," as she then grabbed onto her husband's hips and pulled and pulled with all her might.

The young man then tried to push and wiggle himself free again and the two pulled and pushed with all their strength as Lilly then grabbed onto the hem of Penny's short dark blue skirt to help pull but the trio's efforts proved to be in vain as the hole still refused to release it's grip.

"Wow,you really are stuck in there tight," said the young blond as she then grabbed onto her husband's legs and pulled and pulled and pulled with all her might and put her right foot against the wall for more leverage as Patrick said,"OW honey,that really hurts,you're going to pull me in half," as Lilly then grabbed onto the seat of Penny's skirt and pulled.

A POP then another RIP sound was heard as Patrick was pulled from the wall at last,sending the two tumbling backwards into a heap on the carpet as Lilly ran down stairs.

The young man hugged and kissed his wife and thanked her for freeing him as he began laughing as Penny noticed that the back of her skirt and tights had been pulled off,leaving her bubble butt being barely covered by a red thong as the two began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they went down stairs to have dinner with Lilly.

On Christmas morning,Penny opened her present which turned to a box of her favourite chocolates as the couple began laughing as the young blond joked,"looks like my behind is going to a bit bigger."

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