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by K.HBey
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I have appreciated my stay in this snowy land.

It was my first day in such a snowy land of Scandinavia. From the window, a blizzard seems to scold nature without mercy. Snow has covered anything on the ground that appears like a white carpet. Bare trees wrapping each other with sparse snow on their branches; offer a wonderful landscape. Light reflects on the path that offers a fairy ambiance. During November, some wonderful Christmas decorations at the shore of both the windows and the doors are seen. A mystical silence has added charm to this landscape.
I am not accustomed to such a rigorous winter in my country but I liked it a lot and quickly my corpse adopted such very low temperatures. It stimulates me a lot to work. At the end of the road, a timorous light created a shady under trees. The evening fear invaded the area where the shady took different shapes that looked like ghosts. When first I arrived here I didn't think to stay. Though I am here for six years and I feel such land as my second homeland.

I decided to go to the public skating rink. A frozen lake was open to the public. I love scattering but I had never practiced it. But I decided to put on my skaters and oops my first trial was a failure. A beautiful blond girl takes my hand and wanted to help me to get up and to teach me, skater.
"I asked her, what is your name nice little girl?"
"Nina, she responded quickly."
"I replied, this is a nice name to the nicest girl."
The blond girl had big green eyes and wonderful blond hair combed in a long ponytail.
"I continued, in which class you are?"
"She responded in full spontaneity, I am in the primary 6th." "Also I am always the first and I have earned many prizes".
I met her parents that were sweet too. As they knew that I am a physician, they revealed to me that her daughter was progressively losing appetite. But they added that they had noticed nothing abnormal else since.
Over there the same light was seen at the end of the lake.
A crowd was grouped around the skater rink. Some people were discussing a certain disease. Some parents have already hospitalized their children because of such disease. The same symptoms were noticed by all. Nausea, anorexia, alopecia, skin red eruption, and consciousness troubles. Children were 11 years old. The total of children was nine and it is rising.

At home, I couldn't support water taste anymore. I decided to buy water bottles. I continued my book writing and ready to deliver it to my editor. Also, I had an important appointment with a physician.
The next day and as usual, I entered my office at the hospital and quickly my colleague called me for the appointment.
"Hi! Noah! How are you, I said."
"Sara, there is a bad situation in the hospital. A new disease has appeared suddenly. The number of patients was rising. The meeting had concluded that this disease could be linked to an unknown poison."
"Sara would you come with me in order to consult intern patients of the service, Noah asked."
"Yes, of course, I responded."
We entered the great room of adults then we continued with pediatric one.
"Unbelievable, I exclaimed."
"What's the matter Sara, Noah asked."
"Nina is here too, what a pity, I replied when tears invaded my eyes."
"She becomes a real skeleton. She is dying, I added."
The locality was on alert and the municipality did an assessment and investigation.

I entered late tonight and as usual I noticed the light from over there at the end of the road. I decided to erase my fear and drove until that light source. The more I approached the more a huge amount of light was released from the ground. I called the police and the municipality.
Two days later they concluded that was uranium light that was released in an important quantity. The uranium remained from an ancient nuclear base set in this place. The base was demolished two years ago, without any safety precautions. It was not demolished because of people's health safety but because of interest conflicts. But uranium particles had spread everywhere in the ground and the water canalizations.
The municipality decided to free the locality from people until perfect sanitation from nuclear particles. So they dislodged us into another district far from this one about three kilometers. All the people had been submitted to a health assessment. The sick ones had been taken to the hospital. It seemed to me that I was in a war when I saw the entire district deserted.
The nuclear base had been demolished though it harvested lives and most children's ones. When I went to the hospital I found Nina died. She was a unique child to her parents. I cried a lot and decided to fight against nuclear bases starting from that day.

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