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Flash Fiction
"It came out of nowhere," Paddington said, looking at the tree growing in the house. "I went for a walk and poof, it just appeared."

"They brought it in." Posy Paws informed, licking herself. "They do it every year at this time."

"Okay, I know it's cold out but I'm not peeing in the house. I have some dignity." Paddington insisted.

"It's not for that, idiot."

"Well, what is it for then?" Paddington was mystified.

"Just watch," Posy Paws whispered as footsteps approached. Shiny round things were placed on the tree. Lights were added, then tinsel and bows. As the footsteps receded, the cat stretched, then with a bound, attacked the tree with gusto. "Yippeeeee, my Christmas play centre."

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