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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Adult · #2208828
Mister Jacque wants to reveal a certain truth about Camille criminal death

Jimmy is an attorney. He is in his office when his phone rings.
"Hello! I am Jacque. Can you join me today at seven PM?"
"Who are you? Jimmy asks."
"I am a witness and I have sent you a message on your phone messenger. Have you received it yet? Jacque replies"
"What is your name? Jimmy asks again when the call is interrupted."
He reads the message that mentions: "The red fish at the big office at seven PM."
Jimmy does not understand. He puts nervously his documents on his desk. He takes his car and goes to the place where the crime happened. He arrives there where he notices a great restaurant. A big red fish is drawn at the front. The great post office is just beside it.
He enters the restaurant. At seven PM he notices an old man of seventy wearing a black hat and suit entering the restaurant. He looks straight to the attorney that he seems to know well.
"Hello! I am Jacque. Glad to meet you. Just want to tell you that Simon is guilty."
"Who is Simon? Says Jimmy"
"Jacque replies, Simon is the legal owner of this restaurant but he knew this very later.
Camille was the first owner of this restaurant but she had fake documents.
Simon had inherited this restaurant from his grandfather but he was abroad when this happened. When he recently comes back home, he discovered that Camille his first beloved took the restaurant and in her possession fake documents and married a man Mr.Willis, who has a certain policy rank.
That is why Simon killed Camille the woman that he was waiting for during years."
"When the waitress comes with a cup of coffee for Jimmy, she looks at Jacque and says, Hello Mr. Simon."

300 words

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