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An advice to oneself,me......(e.worry)
"Don't do anything hurriedly when you're not expert." No I'm not advising anybody, but myself.Yesterday at night I was writing the fiction, short story, for the contest, offline, but I had to stop there, because I needed to go toilet for long course. This year winter have come to my country like...Can compare to what?....Monster?....Taking away lives, as we can't adapt with the climate. I forgot to save the part I already wrote. Spending an hour in toilet, I take too long time, specially for washing, cause I've mania for cleanliness, I was just freezing.And at the same time I had hunger in my stomach, and sleepy eyes, I tried to write and finish the story hurriedly. It was o.k.But why I submitted for survey? I could wait for today like I freshly reviewed, and then......I'm just stupid ! Good for nothing, hopeless !" You'll do nothing in your life"....That's what I say to myself...."don't do anything hurriedly, when you're not expert". Oh! I'm tired telling this.Oh!.😊

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