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The constructed gateway to the year 2020.

------ ENTRY ------

Date: 2020-01-01

Words: 754

Minutes: 72


A gateway to another human-measured time construct of "one year".

I was informed that as of today, 3 more minutes of daily sunlight has been made available at my location: 487.10 feet above what is called "current sea level"; and Latitude 37.091317; and Longitude -122.043670. Although I was paying attention to neither longitude nor latitude at the time of the 1989 earthquake in which we lost our home (having the rebuild finished 3 years later on the same property), I am told that a significant change in longitude and latitude occurred, and approximately a four foot increase in the number of feet above what was the sea level at that time also occurred. Those changes continue to reverberate in our daily lives even now.

Within the last 10 days (the "holiday" period), my enclosed-deck rat traps have captured and killed five full-sized rats. Those rats shall see no more holidays. The droppings will last a bit longer until I get them cleaned up. I have nothing in particular against rats, accepting that they have a right to life no less than other beings, but I need my sleep, and they were very active and noisy at night, so I chose to offer them a quick and humane way out. They accepted, and I am grateful.

The holiday traffic up and down the road that runs parallel to our property on one side, although trees shield us from headlights and some noise, other than from the remaining open-exhaust motorcycles that accelerate up the hill, ridden by grey-bearded oldsters from a time now gone, has been heavier than what we are accustomed to, so maybe folks on up the road are having good parties or something. At any rate, one (to us) sad casualty of the increased traffic has been the death of a beautiful black squirrel which was scampering around our property and through our trees until struck and killed by a car on the road. We liked that squirrel, which had a gentle seeming "attitude" but took no guff from the other beige colored squirrels. Maybe the beige squirrel-mafia had a hit put on the black squirrel.

I spent most of my childhood in areas of Ohio and Michigan that were managed by old-school mafia families, and it was a peaceful and ordered childhood partly because of the order bestowed by those in charge. Not a negative experience, but then I did not cross any of the families, although my father did many years later and he paid a high price.

I have been taught to live one-day-at-a-time, and do so now, hence my feelings of irrelevance toward the constructed new year that is being offered. One day at a time, brother, one day at a time.

I have observed that the behaviors of politicians at our local level seem to be identical to those at higher levels and across the globe. Once the belief in the invincibility, intelligence, and do-the-right-thing of a particular politician has been damaged, the forces that push and pull politicians into compliance with behaviors and decisions that would not have gotten them elected seem to result in a slow corruption of principle within the targeted politician, with the public losing the benefit of those principles the voters formerly had hope in. Hope contains desire, which is the demon driving all disappointment. Best not to hope then, but just to live one breath at a time.

I have no choice but to pass through the annual gateway before me, and I shall endeavor to do so with courage and a clear mind. I have been taught that courage is a very big thing, and I have learned that I agree with that teaching.

There is of course no such thing as the year 2020, but it is a commonly held societal mental construct so no worries if I reflect on how I shall behave within the societally provided construct of the year 2020. Without our constructed realities we would have no roadmap to move about in any direction, which would be perfect if we did nothing but meditate. I have been taught that because I am human, I must take actions while alive that will help reduce any qualities within me that do me harm and increase any qualities within me that will allow me to help myself and others. I am grateful for the teachings I have been graced to have been given, and I want (desire) as many more as are appropriate for this lifetime.

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