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Rated: 18+ · Article · Fantasy · #2209207
A sequal that's actually more competent.
Hey so i made an oc list a good while ago. Back then my writing was kinda shotty and my drawing was ass. My drawing still sucks but i got some what better at writing!

So here is what i call the official oc list, as their characters that i put thought into and made an effort to characterize them.

Race: Human ( Dorian wizard )
Occupation: Varies but usually student

So Roni is my persona that i use, he's the face of my accounts. At first i made him an op wizard but after doing some docs and rewriting i made the race of wizards he is called Dorians. Dorians were basically wizards but were given power by the God of Darkness, leading to persecution and Roni being one of the last.

Roni is a Finnish-American, he loves anime, games, and music. He likes making connections with others but can be a bit shy. The magic he preforms can be boiled down to telekinesis, telepathy, spiritual abilities, and varied reality warping.

Race: Human
Occupation: Cult/crime leader

Brennan is the evil counterpart to Roni. Basically in one universe Roni is his happy kind self, while in another he's Brennan a villain. Unlike Roni, Brennan is a dark wizard and uses forbidden and cursed occult items. He believes that humanity is evil due to his parents being killed by a mop believing him to be a devil's spawn.

Leading a organization of other powerful figures, Brennan wishes to purify the world by snuffing out the vile scum.

He is actually one of a few reincarnations of Roni's ancestors Berwald, though that's another list.

Mitsue Fudo
Race: Kitsune
Occupation: Traveler

Mitsue's family the Fudo clan is one shrouded in mystery, a legend states that their blond hair and elemental abilities came from their ancestor marrying a kitsune in human form.

The kitsune traits were proven to be true, as a ritual long forgotten was for blood to be consumed on the 20th birthday. On Mitsue's birthday, his sister Tsuku was abducted by an enemy clan. In response, Mitsue set a rageful rescue mission, during which he consumed the daimyo's blood through a visous hand bite. Thus awakening the kitsune blood.

Mitsue is a friendly and generous soul, helping out others in need. He does hold a rageful vengeance should innocent people be faced with cruelty. Casting the most violent of curses.

Tsuku Fudo
Race: Demon
Occupation: Florist

Tsuku is the younger sister of Mitsue by a year, being 19 in present times. She had a happy relationship with her family, and took on a love of gardening as a child. During her brother's 20th birthday, she was kidnapped and held prisoner in the enemy clan's estate. While imprisoned she was tormented and even force to consume the blood of a servant. This however caused a horrific change as consuming blood before the 20th birthday was seen as a insult to the gods. Thus Tsuku turned into a demon and her blond hair turned silver as she devoured her captors.

After being rescued, Tsuku fled her home not wanting to endanger her family. Her once bright and happy demeanor had turned somber as she was forced to eat flesh to survive. She soon found hope however in a new friend.

Race: Human
Occupation: Seamstress

Yumiko or preferring her shortened name Yumi, is a 18 year old daughter of farmers. She is a friendly girl who wishes for others to be happy and live to the fullest, her positive drive fueled by her loving parents despite their poor living.

While out collecting water she comes across a dirty and tired girl, upon giving aid she finds out the girl is named Tsuku. Over the next few weeks the two grow close with Yumi opening up Tsuku about her struggles.

The two form a strong bond that seems to go beyond friendship, with Yumi bringing up Tsuku and her protecting her human friend.

Race: Human
Occupation: Sage

Kaori is a descendant of the Great Sage, who closed the rift between the spirit and living worlds. Despite others showing fear towards her she is proud of her heritage and is fueled to learn more about her spiritual abilities.

Sometime along the line she encounters Tsuku and Yumi, although she doesn't have a solution to revert the Fudo back to a human, she encourages them that must be a way. She occasionally clashes with the yokai Dazura, the spirit having a grudge for what Kaori's ancestor did.

Usually cryptic but also having a playful side, Kaori shows kindness to others. While confident in her abilities, Kaori knows when to show fear in beings and express caution.

Race: Yokai

Although often appearing as a woman in a purple kimono, Dazura has no true form just showing preference for the current one. Dazura has different abilities though shapeshifting is her most used and has given her many identities.

She is initially mischievous with people, playing jokes or creating obstacles to teach them lessons. However when in battle she shows a more sadistic side in dealing with her enemies.

Her goals include returning to the spirit world, holding a grudge against Kaori's bloodline after her ancestor closed the rift.

Race: God

This character is inspired by Sleepy Ash from Servamp, in that he has a lazy attitude and can turn into a cat. He has messy white hair and wears a black cloak. Kuro is the God of Darkness and holds power of the night, spirits, and netherworld.

Kuro saw the Dorian group of wizards admirable as instead of power they seeked knowledge of magic. He thus gifted them a portion of his power and guided them in the magical arts. He formed a strong friendship with the first king of the Dorians Berwald, and was devastated when he allowed himself to die for the survival of his people.

The god swore to protect the rest of Berwald's family, becoming an aid to Roni and protecting him no matter what.

He does a lazy attitude and enjoys gaming, though he turns serious should Roni be in danger.

Well that's all the OC's i can think of. I definitely have more so maybe another may come or i might edit this one who knows?

Anyway thanks for reading my oc list!
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