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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Cultural · #2209290
I went on foot within the snowy street where bare trees were either side.
I wanted to walk within the long path of the city. It was very cold outside and the snow fell afloat. I used to walk within this driveway. The cars filled it and bare trees from either side decorated the street.
I met a musician who was just at the corner of the street. Snowy weather had not succeeded to let him stop playing the violin. A piece of melancholic music was released from his instrument. A group of people around him brought him warmth. He seemed completely engaged in his music. A little blond girl gave him a white rose. She was so excited to do so. The musician took it and played a short couplet to her. She liked it a lot.

Walking further and carried out by this feast ambiance, I wanted to meet more people. My attention was caught by a great iced sculpted castle. Multicolored lights were there in the castle. I entered there and I found a waiter.
“Hello, Madam! Can I help you? He said"
I want to visit the castle, I said"
"Ok! The castle has six doors and floors. You are free to choose where you want to enter first, he replied."
"Is there light everywhere in this castle? I asked."
"Yes, Madam!”

I followed the first path that leads to the first door. I entered for finding a magnificent sculpted house with a courtyard. I found many people there watching some spectacles. There was a magician, a juggler, and an artist drawer. I was amazed by the magician Peter tour. He asked someone to come and suddenly the person disappeared curiously. The juggler was a gypsy and played with daggers. Bogdan's tour was so dangerous. He was very fast and accurate in his launches. The crowd's scream was heard from outside.
I could not continue the rest of this tour and I went to the artist drawer. He painted magnificent pieces just with a dagger. He used exotic colors. Sebastian was from the Caribbean islands.
"Do you want a portrait madam, he asked".
"When I responded no, he had already started my profile drawing of my face."
"It is so amazing indeed; I said when I saw my portrait already done."
"I observed you when first you were looking at the juggler, madam, he said."
I left this house and decided to go to the second path where there was another door.

There, a magnificent lake was surrounded by sculpted trees and flowers. It was so amazing. Multicolored lights rendered the landscape fairy.
Within winter, some people were there swimming and getting fun. I touched the water, it was warm. I was astonished.

I left this magnificent view. I wanted to visit what was hidden behind the door three. I went there but the door was closed. So I went to the door four when I entered I found a multicultural restaurant chain. It was crowded. All the restaurants were sculpted and even though ice there was oven and cooking.
"What I can bring you, madam, said the waiter."
"Please give me a pizza and a varied fruit dish, I replied."
On my chair made of ice too and covered with leather, it seemed to me I was dreaming.
Some singers were playing instruments and singing smooth songs.
I met many nice people and someone told me that he was one of the conceivers of this sanctuary.

I got upstairs and the fifth floor contained one door the fifth one. A wonderful zoo was there and where animals from around the world were playing spectacles.
The zoo preserved a tropical ambient temperature. It was so amazing.
Outside the castle, I saw a crowd from the fourth floor. People wanted to see the show of the magician. I noticed someone alone just behind the crowd. A horrible pantomime was crossing the crowd with its long legs. The pantomime was immense and its eyes were video camera. It assessed all the people's entrance and stored videos.

On the last and sixth floor, I met other talkative dolls and I was afraid. They were robots too that mastered enough communications. All the room was full of dolls. Children were forbidden to enter there. I looked forward to being outside. Unbelievable I saw the man that had disappeared at the magician tour. He was lying and a dagger was grabbed by his chest. Suddenly, he got up and took out the dagger from his chest. He was just a robot, a doll. I was terrified by this show.

A planetarium was just next to the room and magnificent reconstituted Nasa both pictures and videos were seen on gigantic screens.

I went out of the castle and the street was long yet and during February it was full of spectacles. I was caught by an old woman that remained still preserved and beautiful. She called me by my name and gave me a great golden key.
"I asked her, how do you know my name?"
"She smiled and said, this is the key to our big city full of great historic events. I want you to always remember."
"I preserved the key and tried to give her money in return but she refused and said, you should preserve the key preciously and disappeared."

878 words

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