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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Personal · #2209385
A sister's irritation.
Every time I hear about my brother calling, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Mostly because I'm fairly certain the only reason he's contacting either of my parents - usually my dad - is so he can argue his way into being "helped out" more. The biggest problem that boy has is his ego. Truthfully, I love him in spite of himself - he is my brother, after all. But the way in which he uses my parents - and my father in particular - is disgusting.

He helps his supposed friends out in so many ways and yet they don't always return the favor. So what does he do? He asks my dad for money! He's disgusting that way. I don't understand how he can just blindly go through life when he grew up in a pastor's home. My dad isn't perfect, but he tries to be the best person he can.

The way my brother treats my parents is despicable. It makes me so angry that he takes them for granted as much as he does. My dad has things to do - things that need to be done today - but he called earlier and now Dad is heading his way so he can "help out". At least they're kind of meeting "halfway".

I may love my brother, but I don't always like him. His behaviour toward my parents is actually worse than it is towards me. More than likely because of my TBI. At least in part. I just don't understand how he can grow up in a pastor's house with as much freedom as he had and still treat my dad the way he does.

It isn't as if Dad will live forever. Once he dies, that's it. He'll be gone. No longer there to pick up the pieces of my brother's bad decisions. If my brother has brains, he doesn't use them very well. He uses people, and eats terrible food - though I don't know how he's stayed so thin. He has a rather expensive SUV - which he doesn't need - and an apartment that more than meets his needs. I don't even know if he's able to actually pay his bills.

Actually, I know he can't. Not all of them, at least. I know he has the energy to work hard. I know to some degree he actually does work. But instead of getting enough sleep and eating the right foods (granted those can be expensive) he fills his body with junk and stays out until the early morning hours. His sleep schedule alone is all messed up.

I don't know what I can do other than pray for him. I refuse to outright help him out financially. That would just be a waste of what I myself have. I refuse outright to become his doormat if we both survive Mom and Dad. If he treats me the way he treats Dad concerning money, he's in for a royal surprise. I'm not about to let him take advantage of me the way he is of Dad.

Of course, Dad has this complex personality. I don't always understand other people, and he's occasionally one of them. I mean, instead of "lending" my brother money in order to "help him out", maybe he should just be arrested for something related to his complicated situation.

That's harsh, I know, but sometimes a person needs to be punished so they'll actually learn their lesson.

My brother is an idiot sometimes. He refuses to use the brains God gave him. Why he expects others to "pay his way" just makes me dislike him even more. Like I said earlier, I do love my brother. Nothing will change that. But liking him is becoming more and more difficult.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2209385