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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2209499
Doug made his life a lot more bearable.
The money for the bus ticket to get me to the next big city was an investment in survival. Hopefully there’d be more compassion toward helping a crippled vet. The navy had fused half my back after the accident and I couldn’t stand. I get $145 a month.

The VA said it would be a lot more if I’d lost an arm or leg. Saying, “Gee, thanks,” got me a very nasty look. They’d promised me the world to get me to enlist, then abandoned me after the accident that destroyed my lumbar spine. Half my spine is fused and they handed me a cane on my way out the door.

I can’t stand up without the walker a young man gave me. He said his mother had just died and her wish was for someone in real need to get it. That became me and I’ll never forget her or him.

Pulling into the station I saw a dog out the bus window that looked like it was as crippled as me and starving to death. When I’d recovered my walker and the small suitcase with everything else I can call mine I went to the attached cafe and paid for a half pound of rare roast beef that ate heavily into my resources.

Walking out I saw the cowering dog and sat cross-legged waiting with a piece in my hand. It took thirty minutes for it to lunge and take the first piece and two seconds to inhale it. The next piece took less time and by the last piece he ate from my hand then followed me leaving.

Doug and I share everything now. He defends me and I him and we get many fewer hassles. Life becomes much more bearable with someone who loves you.
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