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This is the Prologue of a book I intend to write. leave a review if you want more! Thanks!

         The temperature crept lower causing the throbbing in Tallya's head to worsen. "One step at a time." She told herself as she trudged through the knee-deep snow. She was tired, her throat felt dry, her stomach growled, and she longed for the warmth of fire.
         "But no" She tried to quicken the pace "I have to keep going, Jackie needs me."
There was no sound but the howling of the wind and the crunch of snow under her boots. It was getting dark. But Tallya could not worry about herself, not now. Jackie was probably suffering much more than her.
         A distant sound interrupted Tallya's thoughts. "A snowmobile?" It sounded like the hum of an engine and no other vehicle could make it through this snow. But who would be out here at night? Tallya wasn't sure what to do as the hum got louder. Are they looking for me? She instinctively broke into a run, the beam of the flashlight she held darting back and forth as her feet struggled through the snow. The light! She turned her flashlight off. She was going to have to find her way in the dark. By now clouds had covered the moon and there where few stars visible.
         It was hard to run through that snow and Tallya started to sweat. Her heart was racing. She had no idea what she would do if she got caught. The hum got louder. Her only chance was to climb a tree. She noticed a low-hanging branch and grabbed it, hoisting herself up with all her strength. She climbed up a few branches and the sat waiting for the snowmobile to pass.
         The hum got louder. And then Tallya saw lights, and heard voices. Then, right underneath her, a snowmobile stopped.
         "Where did they go?" Said a rough voice "I can't tell where the footprints lead!"
         "Don't worry, Grant, whoever it is is on foot we can easily find them." Said a woman's voice that made a chill run down Tallya's spine, she didn't dare move.
         The two proceeded to scan the snow-covered woods. Tallya desperately wished they would move on. And suddenly the woman got the idea to look up. Her cold stare was right on Tallya and their eyes met.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2209500