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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Drama · #2210219
The Blind Man is King
In the dark
The blind man is king
He finds a clear way
Around everything

You and I
May stumble and fall
To feel our own way
We reach for a wall

Without light
We’re helpless and blind
He laughs and he says
We’re now of a kind

Truth be told
We all may be blind
There are many things
We never can find

Blind or not
We all have a curse
The blind man knows his
Yours may be worse

Dark or light
We stumble and fall
We hope there is help
When we make our call

Call for God
If that is your choice
I doubt He will hear
Just one sinner’s voice

Look inside
Deep, deep in your heart
There you’ll find strength
It’s there you must start

Stand up straight
And act like a man
It’s all you can do
All anyone can
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