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Synopsis for Picture a Story Contest January 2020
Stonehenge glowed under the watchful eye of the full moon as the Druids prowled through the ruins. Their mechanical arms made short work of repairing the ancient landing pad while the ship hovered patiently above them.

Del sat at the ships controls watching the Druids heave the heavy stones into place. Like the Druids, Del was also an android, albeit a very sophisticated one. He had thoughts and dreams like the beings he was modeled after, beings that thought themselves Gods. He knew better. It didn't take too many years of service for him to realize his creators were nothing but glorified thieves. And now that the civilizations they have been taking advantage of for millennia were outgrowing the need for Gods their little forays have become a bit violent and disquieting. On their arrival to this planet Del saw the new tech floating in orbit and he knew that the people of Earth may just see these "Gods" for what they really are. He would make sure the ship was ready for take off at a moments notice.

Chrissy stood in the shadows at the edge of the clearing where the Stonehenge ruins lay. When the ship arrived she had sent out the distress call to the others of her Clan. The day of reckoning was here at last and she had a front row seat. Her Clan had come here many years ago to protect the humans from those that called themselves Gods. These so called "Gods" were nothing more than murderers and thieves. Once her people discovered the truth the murderers vanished for parts unknown. Groups were quickly formed, called Clans, and sent to all of the peopled planets they knew of to protect them if necessary. If possible.

The clash between the Gods and the Clan will rouse the humans from their naive slumber. Once awakened will they choose a side and fight or stick their heads in the proverbial sand and wait for the dust to settle?
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