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The goddess Styx recounts her manipulation of her unwilling 'husband' -edits coming soon-
Chapter 2 –Styx

“Why did you stop?” Styx asked

Without missing a beat, Zeno replied“Because it’s your turn.”

“Child, I ordered you to entertain me, I am not your personal story teller!”

“That sword swings both ways you know?”

“I do not have time for your silly Idioms, Zeno.”

“We have all the time in the world, woman…we’re immortal.”

“Oooooh you…cheeky bastard!”

“Ha ha…isn’t that why you married me?”

With folded arms, Styx arrogantly turned her nose upwards.

“No…” she declared bluntly. “…Impudent whelp.”

“God, why do I stay with your snobby ass …” Zeno muttered under his breath

“Ah! Why I never! You…you pillock!! urgh!”

“Baaaha ha ha ha…you’re so cute when you’re flustered, and I have no idea what the hell a ‘pillock’ is…Now…your turn. I want to hear ‘your perspective’ too.”


“Well, I’m not going to sit here bored. Maybe I should go looking for another…”

Fearing another eight-hundred year solitary confinement, Styx interrupted, capitulating to Zeno’s demands. Ever the enigmatic goddess, she maintained her cavalier expression, not wanting to reveal her internal panic.

“Hmph, fine…I will tell you my tale of…”

Rebelliousness and Deceit

“Zeno remained wary of me for a while yet, even after we had made love. Although hurtful, I also found it oddly entertaining. He would only come to me when I offered him food, or presented myself to him. It reminded me of those furry four legged creatures that humans were so fond of, dogs I believe they were called. As entertaining as his bestial conduct may have been, he was not brought to me for my amusement.

T’was not expected, but he had proven to be quite capable, which is exactly what I needed. But I could not get through to him, and my patience was reaching its end. At sunset on the third day, while he was eating, I addressed him.

“Will you not converse with me?” I asked.

He did not address me, pausing only briefly at the sound of my voice before continuing to engorge himself. He never let go of that hammer either, as if it would protect him from me. I could have easily disarmed him, but I needed him at his best, as he would be more useful to me that way.

“Child,” I spoke gently. “I…am sorry.”

That was excruciating. I never apologize, but I was desperate and t’was necessary.

“Hmph!” he replied.

But it worked.

He swallowed his food, and finally addressed me. I was relieved I was able to get through to him; I would not have to debase myself any further with such trivial groveling.

“You tried to fucking kill me, you witch, and we have nothing to talk about!” He replied.

By Zeus, he was a vulgar creature.

“And I offered you my body in recompense…repeatedly. And you partook, yet you still maintain this grudge.”

“You ate my soul, like some kind of Succubus!”

“You dare insult me child!? I am a goddess! You will pay me my due respect!”

He threw the table to the side, soiling my bedchambers with food yet again. Rising to his feet he marched towards the exit.

“Yes I dare!” He responded with disrespectful sarcasm. “And I would rather ‘dare’ to take my chances out there.”

I thought him to be bluffing, so I let him leave, thinking he would return shortly. He did not however, and the seconds turned to minutes. I began to panic; perhaps I had underestimated just how strong his will to die. I rushed to the edges of my temple, scanning for him, but he was nowhere to be found. Then I heard him, even with my deific senses t’was faint. He had chosen to swim his way to safety.

The fool.

I ran to the opposite edge to witness him suffering against the corrupted waters. He had made it a fair distance from the shore, but the rot was beginning to take its toll on his frail mortal body. With telekinesis I grabbed him and returned him to the temple. He did not struggle and I feared the rot had claimed him. In a panic I rushed to his side, making the mistake of revealing my emotions in the process.

‘No! Child! Do not leave me alone again! Please!’ I begged in panic.

‘Fuck…You…’ He choked, coughing violently while responding in his typical vulgar manner.

I breathed a sigh of relief as he struggled to his feet. I attempted to help him, but he would have none of it. He shook himself free from my grasp.

‘Have you any idea what it is like to be imprisoned as an immortal?!’ I asked him in frustration. ‘‘tis absolutely horrid, eternal boredom, a fate worse than death!’

‘Sounds terrible…’ he responded with sarcastic apathy.

‘I…I am an outcast,’ I admitted in a shameful display of weakness.

But I needed the child to trust me. The admission triggered painful memories of my once noble past, of the greatness I had lost. Melancholy and hopelessness had been my only companions for centuries, and the child bore witness to my almost tearful tribute to them. He stopped his labored retreat from me, his shoulders slumped and he nearly dropped his weapon.

‘I’m…an outcast too,’ he admitted.
Gazing upon him i asked. ‘Is that why you tried to end your life prematurely?’

‘One of the reasons…’

I had realized a glimmer of hope, my sadness abated, as I had gotten through to him. I continued attempting to endear myself to him.

‘Will you tell me why?’ I inquired.

‘Why the fuck do you want to know?’ he responded.

‘You are my champion now, I must know you.’

‘Yeah, but you’re a goddess…’ the child paused.

He paced around muttering to himself. “I still can’t believe I’m talking to a literal goddess. No…she can’t be, she has to be some kind of demon or something…”

‘I am not at my full glory, but yes I am a goddess, child…and I order you to tell me.”

“Ha ha…All these years and you still haven’t changed…” Zeno reminisced.

“Of course not, I am a goddess…immortal, timeless, unchanging…and ever beautiful,” I instructed.

“Unchanging? That could get boring after a while…”

Styx crawled upon her hands and knees closer to Zeno and, sliding her hand between his thighs, caressed his groin.
Sensuously she declared, “How many years have gone by and you still cannot get enough of me, child?”

‘Damnit woman, do those feel like a child’s balls to you?!’

‘By Zeus…Child you are ever so vulgar.’ Styx reprimanded, gripping Zeno’s sensitive bits tightly

‘Ooof!’ he exclaimed.

‘You love me child, and you will for eternity.’

‘Eternity? Fuuuuck…you shoulda let me die.’

‘Well you are mine now and you shan’t be going anywhere. Ever! To continue…’

The child glared at me. ‘You’re an arrogant bastard aren’t you?’

‘Excuse me?!’ I vociferated

‘Fine, I’ll entertain you,’ He began to walk towards the edge of my temple again. ‘You can be entertained watching my ass on its way out.’

‘Harumph…you!!!’ I protested.

I levitated towards him, grabbing his arm, I spun him around.

My emotions broke through again, and I begged, ‘I am sorry, I just… I do hate being alone.’

T’was indeed a shameful display.

He gazed upon my grip of his arm, and not wanting to upset him further I released my grasp. I observed his movements as his eyes rose to meet with my own. Exhaling, he reluctantly returned to the bedchamber; then plopped down exasperatedly on the edge of the bed. I joined him, climbing up behind excitedly like a playful child; I braced against him and leaned in closely. I could feel the tension ease from his muscles; he exhaled again, softly this time, and reached up to embrace my hand. Our fingers interlaced, and I felt a stirring within my heart. I do not know why, but he interested me.

Zeno asked, ‘So where do you want me to start?’

‘As early as your memories allow,’ I responded softly.

‘Ugh…alright. Well, I’m the third of seven children, I was sold into slavery to feed the rest of my family, became a thief to survive, got my hand chopped off, tried suicide, wound up here, the end.’

I recoiled in shock; I could not believe the gall of this boy.

‘Are you serious?’ I asked, surprised.

‘Yep, it’s all true.’

I pushed the child away in irritation.

‘No, you buffoon,’ I chided. ‘I asked for your story with details, not a synopsis!’

I grabbed a pillow and smacked him with it as he turned to face me. He chuckled.

Irritated as I was, I still managed to find some solace in the fact that he was opening up to me. This was good; I would need his trust in order to fully exploit him.

“Exploit?! Mother fu…god damn it woman!” Zeno once again interrupted with flustered complaining

“What now child?” Styx asked pointedly

“You’re evil, that’s what!”

“I am not evil…I am a goddess, the world exists to serve my purposes.”

“Oh my…just finish.”

He started for the door and I felt my anxiety rise again, I thought I would have to employ more extreme measures to persuade him. But he simply stretched as he came to halt, and turned back to me.

‘I guess I’m stuck here,’ he mused aloud. ‘So…why don’t you tell me about yourself.’

‘Ha ha ha. Child, are you serious,’ I responded. ‘I am immortal.’


‘You are not. Not yet at least, you do not have a long enough lifespan for me to regale you with thousands of years’ worth of adventures.’
I had no intention of revealing myself to him; I did not believe he would last very long anyways. But he was persistent.

‘Try me, not like we got shit else to do.’


‘Why the hell not?’

‘Because I ordered you to entertain me!’

‘Well forgive me, your highness!’

‘Fool, I am not royalty. I make royalty!’ I corrected.

The nerve of that child.

‘Are all the ‘gods’ as full of themselves as you are?’

‘None of the other gods are as beautiful as I.’

‘Oh really? And I’m just supposed to take your word on that, huh?’


‘My god, you’re a pompous ass.’

“…and you still are,” Zeno teased.

“Child! You will respect your goddess!” Styx rebuked.

As if on a mission to draw the Titaness’ ire, Zeno playfully blew her a kiss.

“…Shut up.” Styx urged with a scowl

I did not want to regurgitate the embarrassment of my exile; I had enough of those ruminations in my centuries of solitude. Being reminded of those memories was indeed most distressing; instead I chose to distract him, and myself, with physical pleasure. Employing telekinesis, I drew him closer to me. I pounced on him, my breasts pressed against his naked chest as I embraced him. I then threw him down onto the bed and playfully mounted him.

‘The other goddesses cannot satisfy like I can. I can assure you, my
‘pomposity’ is well deserved,’ I teased.

‘Hmph…prove it,’ he responded, with a smile that faded quickly in a halfhearted attempt to hide his emotions. He was now ensnared in my trap and mine to manipulate. But then I felt a stirring in my heart; I felt something, I do not know why. I did not yet recognize that I was becoming subjugated slowly to an emotion I had not felt for many millennia. Then I made a mistake…

I kissed him.

We became enthralled in our passion for each other, so much so that we failed to notice our proximity to the edge of the bed; we rolled off, thudding atop one another. We laughed heartily as we resumed our impassioned embrace, clawing our way back onto the bed. Although he was an average lover, there was something magnetic about this vagabond. His vulgar rebelliousness disarmed me at times. I had many mortals before, they were all different, and yet they were all the same.

They were sheep.

Even those that would disobey fell in line with relative ease, because they recognized the goddess before them. But not Zeno. He knew I was divinity, he recognized my immortal superiority, and he still rebelled. He was such a simple, yet frustrating creature, who was proving to be more than just another soul to sustain me. He was a challenge I had to overcome, I needed to conquer him.

Then I received a telepathic invitation from Charon, apparently he had been watching us.

‘You should be mine…Styx.’ He spoke with a drawn out cadence.

‘Then why have you not freed me?’ I responded, frustrated.

‘I need more time…’

‘You have had eight centuries! When the child is ready, you will take him to Hephaestus. This one is capable.’

‘Mistress Styx…’

‘Enough! I am busy! Begone!’
I could feel his indignation through our astral connection, but I did not care. I severed our communications and proceed to envelope Zeno.
As the days turned to weeks, I would gradually prod him for more information. He would reveal a small portion of himself and his past to me each time with increasing ease. I would deflect his attempts at delving into my own with physical affection, I could tell he was starting to become suspicious, but he would always fold to sensual advances.
I would prepare a feast regularly for him, and feign weakness afterwards, much like I had done on our original encounter. He reacted exactly as expected, caring for me and attending to my every need, treating me as a goddess was to be treated. Nevertheless, I was not prepared for the feelings that followed.

Nightfall of our twenty second day together welcomed a torrential downpour that pounded the island. The drum of thunder roused me from my slumber. I peered at Zeno, he remained asleep, unfazed by nature’s fury outside the chamber doors. I lifted his hand to clutch tightly against my breast and leaned in closer to kiss him. He rolled away from me mumbling nonsense in response. Admittedly, t’was quite adorable.

‘I have missed this…the affection; I had forgotten how good it felt.’ I whispered softly. ‘I had forgotten how good it felt to actually be…loved. You are indeed a caring brute.’

Engrossed in deep thought, I rose to exit the bed chamber, stopping briefly to gaze upon his visage. Sideways rain greeted me as I opened the door, the thunder had died down to a dull rumble as the storm lumbered south, and the tangy zing of ozone permeated the air. In this corrupted world, clean water rarely fell from the sky, but tonight was one of those rare events. I tread carefully across the marble floor; I was so lost in thought and emotions it never occurred to me to utilize my levitation. My himation hung heavy against me, doused with icy water, it penetrated my core with its frigid sting. I shivered.

‘My body is reverting, becoming mortal again.’ I pondered outwardly, ‘I am becoming fragile.’

I stopped at the edge of the temple, and leaned against a pillar as I gazed upon the torrential river scene. The raging storm was oddly hypnotic; the downpour, the crashing waves, the gale wind’s screams of terror. My trance relented to profound introspection.

‘What is this I feel? Is this love?’ I pondered. ‘No. I do not have time for such nonsense. He is here only to serve my needs.’
The storm began to subside in a manner too sudden to be natural; an island of the gods was near and drew my attention skyward.

‘What have we done to this world, t’was so vibrant and full of life? Now…’tis just infested with Rot.’

The Island came into view from behind as it soared in the atmosphere above my temple, the sun shone on me for the first time in decades. This was common when in the vicinity of one of their islands, as the gods maintained a protective barrier around their territory.

‘Save for the cities you have all carved for yourselves,’ I continued with a scowl. ‘While the rest of the world decays…while ‘I’ decay.’
I had become so engrossed in my own musings; I scarcely noticed Zeno behind me.

‘So are you ever going to tell me how you plan to free yourself,’ he asked sarcastically. ‘You’ve been dodging the question.’

He embraced me from behind, pressing against me gently; he squeezed me with much affection and greeted my nape softly with his lips. I shuddered with delight, and found the attention and his warmth inviting. I reached behind to embrace him, my fingers parted his hair and closed around the crown of his head and pulled him in gently.

‘I suppose the time has arrived. My powers dwindle, and producing food for you is becoming increasingly difficult,’ I explained. ‘I will enforce my oath.’

‘What the hell is a promise supposed to do?’ he asked.

His tone, although smooth, was dismissive and condescending.

‘I am a goddess child, and amongst them my powers are great. They…were great.’ I breathed a disheartened sigh. ‘Long ago, the Gods warred against a rogue, eldritch deity. A demon from another world we dubbed

‘The Mad One’. It took the combined efforts of every single pantheon to subdue it. Peace was short lived however, as the Gods squabbled like children over who should rule what, and who would be King of the Gods.’

‘And ravaged the earth in the process…’

‘Correct, and I sought to stop it.’


I was taken aback, he had seen through my ruse. He was more perceptive than what I gave him credit for.

‘You’re too arrogant, too selfish. You wouldn’t have cared enough to…’

‘I devised a plan to end the war,’ I interrupted. ‘To gather power, and force my oath upon the Gods.’

‘Hmph, right.’

The wind resumed, albeit weakly, I could not help but shiver at the sudden drop in temperature.

‘To be mortal again…’tis quite dolorous,’ I complained.

‘I don’t know what that word means but…you were mortal?’ he asked.

‘We deities, some of us, will temporarily relinquish power from time to time.

‘tis an exercise in resilience, and gives us…perspective.’

‘And yet, you’re still arrogant.’

I turned quickly to face him, my frustration now readily apparent. I needed him to buy into my deception completely if he was to be of any use. I reached for his missing left hand, and brought it into view alongside mine.

‘I am immortal child,’ I brayed. ‘A goddess! 'With your limited existence you cannot begin to understand the burden of eternity hoist upon our shoulders!’

With deadpan sarcasm he responded ‘Sounds terrible…’

I forced a tear down my face in order to soften the child’s heart. As intended, my manipulation garnered the apology I deserved.

‘I…I…,’ he stuttered ‘I’m sorry.’
Now, I had him.

‘But I still don’t understand how a damn promise could end a war.’

‘That is insultingly reductive,’ I countered as I wiped my tear away. ‘‘tis more than a simple ‘promise’. If someone breaks my oath, whether God or mortal, they relinquish their soul to the underworld. I employed a group of lesser Gods to lend me their power; and with it I was able to force an oath of submission upon Zeus, his pantheon, and the others.’


‘He is the God-King of Hellas, the pantheon to which I belonged.’


Acting on impulse, I moved in closer to Zeno again and embraced him. I snuggled against him, resting my head on his chest. I bathed myself in his warmth. The rhythm of his heart pulsing in my ear soothed me, and I lost myself in him. I do not know how long I sat there, hypnotized by his fragile mortal functions.

‘So from your imprisonment, I’m guessing they didn’t take to kindly to your scheme.’ He spoke, rousing me from my trance.

‘No, they did not. Zeus, and the others affected, turned their most powerful champions loose. They slaughtered my champions, and those most devoted to me in an effort to weaken me. Then struck me from the records of man, and imprisoned me when I was no longer powerful enough to pose a threat,’ I explained.

‘Why didn’t they just kill you?’

‘If they did, my oath would still have claimed them. Instead they removed my heart stone, without it I cannot enforce my oath…even though it remains.’

I raised my left arm again to inspect it, I could not withhold my tears any longer, and recounting my fall from grace was too much to bear. I hated myself for presenting such weakness and found myself in a negative loop. The more I lamented, the angrier I became, which only brought upon more lamentations.

‘Without it, my magics dwindle…without it,’ I sobbed.

‘You die.’ Zeno stated solemnly.

His embrace tightened, pressing me against his wiry masculine frame. He kissed me affectionately atop my head and resumed his questioning. He moved to another topic, I suppose t’was his attempt to console me. I cannot say I did not appreciate it.

He looked at me inquisitively. ‘Shouldn’t a ‘heartstone’ be in your chest?’
I found his naiveté amusing. I chuckled as I wiped away my false tears.

‘Nay, a heart stone is a crystal embedded in our hand, it contains…our immortality in a manner of speaking,’ I explained between sniffles. ‘They imprisoned me here in this underworld to suffer mortality as punishment, and sealed my crystal. I would be dead if not for Charon.’

‘The…boatman?’ he asked with marked confusion.

‘He…is loyal to me. He brings me nourishment periodically, when the Gods are unaware. But only just enough to maintain a certain quality of life; rebellious souls, such as yourself, who were resourceful enough to have escaped.’

‘And surprisingly I’m still alive…wonder what happened to my predecessor. You eat him too?’

‘I do not ‘eat’ people,’ I corrected with annoyance, ‘And what I did with you was…not how I normally maintain myself, but I was desperate.’
I do not know what came over me; ‘tis not becoming of a goddess to apologize, or grovel.

‘Why did you get all crazy…and how do I know it won’t happen again?!’ he asked with panic becoming apparent in his voice.

‘Consuming souls directly is…less than desirable, ‘tis intoxicating to say the least. All the more reason to acquire a replacement heart stone, it regulates the power we receive from souls.’ I continued explaining ‘And regarding your predecessor…I did not kill him. I sent him to retrieve the replacement. Hephaestus was working on a new type of heart stone.’

‘And obviously he wasn’t able to get it,’ he observed.

‘Hephaestus killed him. His mind is not what it used to be. He was a genius amongst the gods, but was prone to violent outbursts; attacking anyone nearby. He isolated himself, and I suspect he may be completely gone by this point.’

‘Wait, if he’s gone crazy, how the hell do you know it’s complete?’

‘Genius and madness are but opposite sides of the same coin. Left to his own devices, he would build and create for an eternity. Even when he was mentally stable; Hephaestus did not get along well with others. He was always a bit…eccentric.’

‘Ok, so then...what do you want me to do about it?’ Zeno asked.

‘I need my new heart stone, and for you to be my champion. You’re my last and only hope, before my body wastes away and I am too weak even to move.’ I responded.

‘Why can’t Charon go get it?’

‘Ha ha ha! Hephaestus would kill him, Charon is weak! Besides, he would never agree. He wants me here, until I agree to…’

‘I am frustrated, and if you will not assist me,’ I teased his chest with my finger, and pressed my body tighter against his, ‘Then at least you can pleasure me.’

‘Oh, ok.’ Under his breath he muttered ‘Better than getting killed...’

Well, at least he was still somewhat predictable. I cupped his head and drew him in for a kiss, as he closed his eyes I spoke my oath into his mouth and linked our souls. Easily, I overpowered his feeble attempt to break free from my grasp, his meager human strength was nothing compared to a goddess. Then I spoke…

…and I forced my oath upon him.


‘You…are…un-fucking-believable. And what exactly do I get out of this?’

‘Are you daft, child? I offered you immortality…and my body.’

‘Oh…yeah. You did do that. But how, with what power? You keep complaining about how you’re getting weaker.’

‘I will share a piece of my divine, immortal soul with you…and you will swear an oath to me.’

He raised his eyebrow at me, signaling his disbelief. My patience was wearing thin with his rebelliousness, and I had no more energy for pandering or manipulation, so I spoke plainly.

‘Normally my oaths would be made through my heart stone. But I can still produce them, by linking your soul to mine,’ I explained. ‘The soul link is quite…intimate, as long as I draw breath, you will continue as well.’

‘So I have an incentive to make sure you continue. Fuck, it’s like making a deal with the devil,’ he whined, like petulant child.

‘Enough! Do you accept or not!?’ My frustration had reached its zenith. I was so sure I had him under my control, yet he continued resisting. I had no more time for his games.

He looked at me and stated emphatically, ‘No.’

‘Very well,’ I sighed. ‘We will discuss this tomorrow. Will you retire with me to the bedchamber?’

‘Wha…why? We just woke up.’

‘I am frustrated, and if you will not assist me,’ I teased his chest with my finger, and pressed my body tighter against his, ‘Then at least you can please me.’

‘Oh, ok. Yeah that sounds like fun.’

Well, at least he was still somewhat predictable. I cupped his head and drew him in for a kiss, as he closed his eyes I spoke my oath into his mouth and linked our souls. Easily, I overpowered his attempt to break free from my grasp, his meager human strength was nothing compared to mine. Then…

…I forced my oath upon him.

‘Slay the gods where they may lie, the immortal souls you see must die!’

He scurried backwards and glared at me; enraged, he charged forth with his hammer at the ready. I was not the mindless beast I had devolved into after consuming his soul previously, and I made short work of him. Evading his clumsy attack, I exploited his fragile human anatomy by striking the base of his skull; he fell to the floor unconscious.”

“Damn, I didn’t remember half of that….now I know why.” Zeno recounted suspicious

“I merely exploited your weakness. ‘tis not my fault you allow yourself to be ruled by your loins,” Styx countered.

“I…fuck you, Styx.”

“Oh ho ho…struck a nerve, have I?”

Huffing, Zeno crossed his arms and turned his back to her. She continued chuckling heartily, rousing his anger even more. In a huff he attempted to exit, but Styx embracing him from behind halted his progress. With a mischievous grin, Styx dove her hand into the crotch of Zeno’s pants..

“Oh my love…” Styx teased, “…can you not handle a bit of ribbing? ‘tis only fair.”

Zeno grunted in response, his body oscillating between tense and relaxed. He resisted, but as he grew in Styx’ hand, they both knew his efforts were futile.

“Always ruled by your loins…” Styx whispered sensually in his ear, “…and I rule them.”

“Damnit woman…” he relented.

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