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Reviewing Activity #1

This is the full information introduced in: "Note: A WYRMly Reviewing Activity ..."

It is the hope of myself and my fellow WYRMs that you might have an interest in earning the exclusive Merit Badge (pictured above) I've been promising all week, in addition to Gift Points through the Public Review Page. Yes, my lustrous Notebook readers, this is a reviewing activity.

*Bullet* To earn Gift Point rewards through the Public Review Page

Though-provoking reviews are what these valiant WYRMs crave and the more thought-provoking the review, the better the Public Review Page rewards. Your reviews will need to go into detail on their items, and your reviews will need to be helpful and encouraging. They're supposed to be rewards for excellent and prolific reviewers, after all. This does not mean you must be soft with them, for WYRMs are forged in my hottest fires. Most importantly, these writers want to better their writing. If you review with a true wish to help in your heart, your review will be encouraging without you having spent extra effort on the matter.

There will be more than one WYRM rewarding reviews, and the amounts they choose to reward are up to them in every way.

*Bullet* To earn our Exclusive Merit Badge

You will need to review one item from each of our honored WYRMs. All three reviews must be of good quality—helpful, and fearless in the sharing of details about your opinions on story elements and characters and whatever else strikes your fancy.

*Bullet* The items up for review

(If you are not a Registered Author or above, you will not have access to these items, my squishy humans. You have but to create an item in your portfolio to ascend to the title of Registered Author and, thereby, gain the ability to participate in this activity.)

"The Seven Wonders of the Universe [13+] by Tobber
    The Seven Wonders of the Universe: The Definitive Intergalactic Travel Guide
"The Rope They Hang Him With [13+] by Tobber
    A flash piece based on a title that came to me while sitting and staring out the window.

"Lucky Charm [13+] by Roseille ♥
    Three lives, richly lived, linked by a fading photo on the fridge. (1st, WDC Short Shots)
"The Wayside - Chapter One [18+] by Roseille ♥
    By the time Tory Arknett hears the clacks and the crack of whips, it’s already too late.
"Any Other Thursday [18+] by Roseille ♥
    The world ends on Thursday. A hundred eighty-six days into the Darkness, no crops survive.

"Lady Margaté Sesedo [13+] by Una Ciudad de la Inglaterra
    The Blasphemer's Cypher, Chapter 1
"Mr. Osmacadia [13+] by Una Ciudad de la Inglaterra
    The Blasphemer's Cypher, chapter 2
"An Incomprehensible Test [13+] by Una Ciudad de la Inglaterra
    The Blasphemer's Cypher, Chapter 3

*Candy6* *Candy7* Insubstantial reviews and fluff reviews will receive no rewards. *Candy6* *Candy7*
(Reviews that are more template than substance count as “insubstantial.”)

The deadline for this activity is Noon WdC time (EST) on Friday, January 24.

Now head back to the Notebook entry to go over the checklist. For your reviews to be a part of the activity, you will need to link them in comments there.

         *Dragon* "Note: A WYRMly Reviewing Activity ..."

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