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An article about my plans for continuing to write more eBooks...
If there happens to be one thing that would take us anywhere at any time, it has to be books. And do you want to know why? Because just like a bus, car, or a plane, books can take you anywhere that you would very much like to go. And for the past few years, I have had my enjoyment of reading books, and another reason why I enjoy books is that it helps me to write better. And yes, I write eBooks too.
Now, this year is just the same as the past few years: I am going to continue reading books and writing eBooks, as well as write other fun stuff too. Same thing, different year, huh? Well, that has always been the general idea of mine for those past few years. Now, this year I have started a brand-new reading challenge that a company called Goodreads is having called the, um, reading challenge. If you want to learn more about this as well as to find out about Goodreads itself, then I suggest that you go to www.goodreads.com. Anyway, as I have mentioned, I have just started my Goodreads reading challenge; Now, back in 2018, I had begun my first reading challenge, and my plan was to do those challenges every other year, so after a one-year break, I got started on a brand-new challenge again, and this time the goal is for me to read 13 books instead of 11 or 10, I forget what number books I have read...Here is hoping that I do as good a job of reading any kind of book as I have of writing.
Meanwhile, I am working on not one, but two writing projects: One is a Wattpad story that is a retelling of a time-honored fairy tale. The other is another Kindle eBook. It seems to me that since the release of my newest eBook last year, "A Trio of Tales & Other Stories to Delight", my creative mind has been firing up for any all-new project that could come my way, and indeed, I have already been working on those!

Oh, if you would like to purchase my Kindle book, "A Trio of Tales & Other Stories to Delight", then you can go to this link right here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WKGJGMF Now, I would also like to share with you about a goal that I am reaching for, writing-wise; The goal for me is that I would write for 14 days, if not 30 days. Yes, my goal is to write for 14 days, except Sundays. If I do a good job at my very own goal, then I would be writing better, and then I just might be able to write for 30 days, one just never knows...
I am blessed to have this gift of the talent of writing, a gift that keeps on giving. I have been using my gift to make people happy, and I am hoping that I would continue to make people smile through my gift of talent in the days, weeks, months, and years, to come. Here's to good luck and good times, with love-JW
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