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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2210628
A short story about a bear that goes into space, but for what reason?

"It's time for Bernard the bear to go into outer space again. This time, let's send him to Saturn. Let's have him collect some ice from the rings. We'll as usual give him three balloons to exchange with the martians that live there in return for him taking some of the ice," said Roy the head of the NASA station.

"Roger that Roy," said Chan the astronaut that will be going to Saturn with Bernard.

         When Chan and Bernard arrive at Saturn, they land on its surface and almost instantly are surrounded by the red martians that are living on it. Chan doesn't know if they're friendly or not, so he puts Bernard in front of him holding three balloons out toward the martians as a gesture of peace.

"Here you go. We come in peace," said Chan to the martians.

"We know what your world is called, it's Earth as you call it. We accept your gifts. What do you call this?" said the leader martian.

"We call them balloons. They're filled with a kind of gas called helium. This is what makes them float like that," said Chan further making Bernard move a little closer to the martians.

"We like your gifts, you are welcome here earthlings," said the leader martian.

"We just need to collect some ice from your rings up there, is this alright?" asked Chan politely.

"Yes you may collect the ice up there on the rings. Let us know if you need any help and we'll help you," said the leader martian.

"Thank you," said Chan while heading back to the space shuttle with Bernard to go collect the ice from Saturn's rings.

         Not long after Chan and Bernard get into their shuttle, they hear a loud bang outside of it. Chan's worried that the shuttle got hit by a piece of ice that was really large. He then backs the shuttle outward from the ring and goes out to look at it with his space suit on.

"Oh no! We've been hit! Now it's going to take time to repair this before we can collect any ice and go back to Earth!" said Chan worriedly.

         Chan gets back into the space shuttle and lands again on Saturn's surface. He gets right to work to repair the hole that a large piece of ice caused to form on the shuttle. The leader martian asks Chan if he needs any help and Chan accepts his help.

"Thank you for helping! Now I can get this done even faster!" exclaimed Chan merrily.

"You are welcome Earthling. We only ask that you bring us back some of that ice before you leave to go back to Earth again. We would like to learn more about it," said the leader red martian.

"Yes, we'll do this for all of you," said Chan while doing a finishing touch on patching up the hole on the space shuttle.

         After Chan finished repairing the space shuttle, Chan and Bernard leave to go back to get some ice on Saturn's rings. This time, Chan keeps the space shuttle even further outside of the rings so they won't get hit again. Everything's going well so far and Chan's happy.

"This is great! We got enough for us and for everyone back at Earth to study!" said Chan excitedly while going back into the shuttle to be with Bernard and they go back down to the martians.

"Thank you earthling. We'll look into this more to see what we can find out about it. This is very interesting to us and we've been trying to figure out how to get some of it for a very long time now. Now because of you we have it," said the leader martian.

"You're welcome. It was my pleasure to do this for you," said Chan while finishing handing the leader red martian a few more pieces of the ice.

         After Chan returns to Earth with Bernard and the ice, NASA finds out something about the ice. It contains certain nutrients and it also takes a little longer for it to melt. They find out that it's just like the frozen water is on Earth and that it too has H2O.

         As for the martians, they find out that they can melt and drink the ice. They build something similar to what they saw with Chan's space shuttle. Now they can go up and collect the ice like Chan did. They find that the ice can make them more healthy and they can have it besides just their warm water which they like.

~ The End! ~

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2210628