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A young boy's life changes forever when his younger brother passes away.
Even though this strong feeling of hope overcomes the dead. Will anyone remember you, remember your story.
It all started on an early morning, the fresh breeze still crisp in the air. I breathe it in gently, and smile at the fresh scent of morning dew. Sure, most mornings started like this, the beautiful smelling breeze suffocating your nose, but today, today seemed almost… different. I walk along the stone path, surrounded by tall, green trees, listening to some so-called 'emo music'. As I approach the erie building I like to call Hell, most commonly known as school, I stop to shake my nerves out, and begin walking towards the building once again. As I make my way up the front steps of the school building, one step at a time, my phone buzzes. I retrieve my phone from the pocket of my old black hoodie and see my moms number pop up on the tiny screen. I swiftly shut my music off and hold the phone to my ear. "Yes?", I say wondering what she could possibly want. There was a long pause. "Look, mom, I'm going to be lat-", I start as she cuts me off.
"Rowan.. It's James. He's in the hospital, he's not going to make it."
My heart drops. I begin, barely audible," Well are you with him? Can I come over?!".
My phone shuts off due to low battery. Shit. It was a long walk to the hospital from here, and I knew my professor wouldn't be happy with another missed day of school. So, I decided to run into the school building before I would be tardy.
By the time the long walk home from school came, I was nearly drowning in my own tears. I was dedicated to get home in time to see James. I couldn't leave my own brother behind to be buried in some dirt 6 feet under. By the time I got out of the path in the woods and into the clearing of my backyard, it was already 4, almost 5. I nearly ripped off the door to reveal nothing but an empty house, and a little note on the table the read; 'I left you money for the trolley and lunch on the table. Come as soon as you can
Attached to the note was a couple dollars, that would probably get me all the way there. I gathered the cash, and set off on my way. Time flew by on the trolley, and as soon as I knew it, I was already at the Children's Hospital. I hurried off the bus and followed the floor and room number my mum had also attached to the note. I silently creeped up to room 272, and pushed the heavy door open. I stepped in to see my mom kneeling along side of my brother's bed, her hands in a praying position. I smiled at my brothers sleeping body, realizing that the monitor was still shining bright green with little bumps, indicating that he was still alive. I padded over to James, careful not to wake him. I stroke his light, black hair, and sit next to him on the bed. I hold his hand until he wakes up, and tries to talk. I could only make out a word or two. And I heard very faintly, 'I love you.'
The funeral a week later was quiet. Peaceful, even. Once it was my turn at the coffin to pay my respects, I grip his hand, and think silently to myself about all the memories, and stories we shared. It was my turn to finish his life. My turn to finish his story.

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