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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2211086
A short story about 2 dolphins that create unusual bubbles from their love for each other.

“Well Tom, today’s the big day! We’ll welcome our two new dolphins. I hope they’ll attract more people or the zoo’s going to go out of business,” said the head zoo keeper, Tim.

“I’m sure something wonderful will come from this Tim. Let’s give them a chance at least,” said Tom.

         After the two dolphins were placed into their aquarium, Tom and Tim watched them. They discover that the two dolphins love each other and that they’re a couple. Both Tim and Tom are happy about this.

“That’s great! They love each other Tim. I’m sure that will attract people here,” said Tom.

Let’s name them. What shall we call the female?” asked Tim to Tom.

“How about Dolpha?” said Tom with great confidence.

“I like that! And Dolpho the dolphin for the male,” said Tim.

“Dolpho and Dolpha! What a great name for them!” said Tom.

         Not long after Tim and Tom gave the two dolphins their name, they begin to notice something unusual appear near both of them. When the two dolphins come close together, many bubbles appear. Some of the bubbles are pink or red and they’re heart-shaped.

“Look at that! Heart-shaped bubbles! They seem to appear from their love for each other!” exclaimed Tim.

“Yes! I see! This will definitely attract people! Our zoo will be saved!” said Tom happily.

         Tom and Tim spent the rest of the day preparing Dolpho and Dolpha’s aquarium and room for the public for the zoo’s grand opening. Everything went well and they finish getting it all ready. They finish putting up the curtain the next day right before they open it.

“Welcome everyone! Here’s our newest zoo members, Dolpho and Dolpha the dolphins,” said Tim merrily.

         Tim explained to everyone that something magical can be seen is created by the two dolphins because they love each other. He told them to wait and see for themselves. However, the dolphins just swam away from the people as far as they could instead.

“I’m sorry everyone, maybe they’re just shy. Come again and maybe they’ll show you it,” said Tim disappointingly.

“I wonder why they swam away from everyone,” said Tim to Tom.

“I don’t know. Let’s get the trainer to train them to not swim away from people,” said Tom.

“That will take a long time, and maybe even too long Tom. We need this to get resolved right away,” said Tim.

“We can train them ourselves just by using fish to feed them with,” said Tom.

“I know! We’ll just put up some privacy window film. We can see them but they can’t see us,” said Tim.

“That’s a brilliant idea Tim. That will definitely work!” said Tom.

         Tom and Tim spent the rest of the day putting up the privacy film on the aquarium’s glass. It took a lot of work but it went well. They filled all of the glass up with it.

“Welcome everyone! Here is Dolpho and Dolpha the dolphins. They will create something magical for you to see soon,” said Tim to the crowd.

         Not only did everyone see the pink or red heart-shaped bubbles the two dolphins made, there was something else that appeared! What could it be? Something that’s not a bubble! It’s a baby dolphin! He’s also creating heart-shaped bubbles too! Tim called him Dolpho Junior and the zoo was certainly saved!

~ The End! ~

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