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by Renee
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This is about my best friend who never saw me as a person with handicap.
As, I grow up having Cerebral Palsy and going special schools, as child, I didn't have a lot friends. Most, time I spent my day in and out in the hospital, with surgeries on my left side for my Cerebral Palsy. So, it was very hard for me to have friends, because I couldn't get out a play like other kids do, and kids that were able body were kind afraid of me. Because, they didn't understand, what I had, and they thought that they were going to catch it. So, didn't get to play with children my own age. Sometime, I felt like outside, as child until I met my friend Gina Page, she was so different from anyone I ever had met in my life. Her mother was my mother best friend at the time. Gina into my life, when I needed a friend, because, I felt alone and everyone was able to get around and do things, and I couldn't. I have older sister, but she wasn't like Gina. When, I would have surgery on my left leg, and had to be in a cast for couple weeks, Gina would come over spend the night with me, and we talk about personals things that we couldn't tell or moms. When I didn't have any surgery, me Gina go to my basement, we dance. She would make up fun little dances that I could do with my disability. Gina spent more time at home , then hers, because they didn't live that far from us. One day Gina stop over to my house, I had just got out of the hospital, and I was in a cast on my left, and she said, let be blood sisters for ever. I looked at her so strange, but she was serious. So, we became blood sisters, by her poking a needle my finger. Down years we kept in touch by phone, she got married had a child. her mother got married and moved to New Jersey. She had moved to New Jersey, with husband and child. Last time I saw Gina she wasn't good. When, her mother, had pass, Gina was diagnosis Cancer. I think when I seen Gina, see knew that she had cancer, and she didn't want to tell me, because , she knew I would starting cry. But, I didn't understand, why she didn't tell me, she was all ready stage four Cancer. She call me month before died, and said I love sister dream for both us. Then next month she was gone before Christmas. I will never have friend my Gina, REST IN PEACE MY SISTER.
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