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A secretary gets herself stuck in an awkward position while retrieving her boss's phone.
Twenty-three year old office secretary Sabrina Williams was preparing to leave after a long and busy day when she suddenly heard his boss Daniel say over the intercom, "Miss Williams,could you please quickly came to my office?"

The young woman was 5'6,145 pounds,had long blond hair and blue eyes covered by glasses.
Her large breasts and thin stomach were covered by a red shirt with a black blazer jacket over the top of it.
Her curvaceous hips and bubble butt were barely contained by a dark blue pencil skirt with black tights.

Sabrina went into the office as Daniel then explained that he had accidentally tripped over his briefcase and his phone had ended up a rather small square vent and wondered if she could get it for him.
The young blond walked to the vent and bent over to have a closer look and measured it's size against her chest and hips and said, "Boss,there is absolutely no way I'm going to fit in there,I'm just too big."

"Please could you try and I'll give you all of next week off with pay,I really need that phone," said Daniel.

"Ok,I'll try,just don't stare at my behind," said Sabrina as she put her worries about possibly getting stuck to the back of her mind.

Her boss promised not to stare as she took off her blazer then stuck her head inside the vent and after a brief struggle,leaving only her hips,behind and legs sticking out as Daniel struggled not to stare or laugh at how ridiculous she looked.

The young woman grabbed the phone and put in her shirt pocket and said, "I've got it,I'll be out in a minute," as she then tried to back out of the vent but was shocked to discover that she couldn't.
"This might be a problem," Sabrina said to herself as she placed her hands against the vent and pushed and pushed with all her might but still it refused to release it's grip on her.

"Sabrina,are you all right," asked her now slightly concerned boss.
"Yep,I'm fine thanks,it's just a bit more difficult than I thought," she replied as she then tried to push and wiggle herself free again,even putting her right foot against the wall for more leverage but still she just refused to budge and was completely and utterly stuck.

"Oh,it's no use," said the young blond as she admitted to her boss, "Mr Wilson,you're not going to believe this but I'm stuck,could you please give me a hand?"

"Oh my god,of course,I'll help you,what do you want to pull," said Daniel.
"Would you mind pulling my hips," said Sabrina as her boss then grabbed onto her hips and pulled and pulled while she pushed and the two pulled and pushed with all their might for several minutes without success until he lost his grip and tumbled onto the carpet.

"Wow,you're really wedged in there tight,I'm going to try a different approach," said Daniel as he then grabbed onto his secretary's legs and pulled and pulled with all his might until she said, "OW,OW,could you please stop pulling on me like that."

"Sorry for hurting you," said the young man.
"It's fine," said Sabrina as she then joked, "does my behind look sticking of here?"
"Yes,it looks absolutely enormous," he jokingly replied as the two began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as he then went to get more help.

The young blond continued to unsuccessfully try to push and wiggle herself free again for several minutes until she suddenly heard a RIP sound and realised that she had ripped the back of her skirt and tights,exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by black panties as she said, "I really needed to cut down on the biscuits,cakes and sweets."

Her boss soon returned with two of her close friends,Hannah and Madison as the three burst into laughter when they saw Sabrina's barely-covered backside sticking out of the vent.

The humiliated young woman then had a chain formed behind her as Hannah grabbed onto her friend's hips,Daniel pulled Hannah's waist while Madison pulled Daniel's belt.
"1,2,3,pull," said Hannah as the three pulled and pulled and pulled with all their strength on the stuck secretary,stretching the poor woman until finally,a POP sound was heard.

The foursome were sent tumbling backwards into a heap on the carpet as Sabrina said, "oh my god,I'm finally free," as she hugged everyone before thanking them for freeing her as she then gave Daniel his phone.
She then remembered that her underwear was showing and quickly used her black blazer jacket to cover up the hole in her skirt and the back of her tights as everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as Sabrina took them all out to dinner to say thank you for rescuing her.

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