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The small prologue of Monster Sides
The swirls kept creeping onto Thomas' skin as he kept running. The adrenaline was rushing around in his body. His breathing was shallow and quick. He kept moving branches out of the way and occasionally jumped over things that were in his path.

He looked behind him and noticed that he didn't see any light. Thomas skidded to a stop and stumbled over to a tree. He put his left hand on it and slowly collapsed onto the ground.

Thomas stayed there for a moment, just trying to catch his breath and calm down. He finally got a look around. He only saw trees and it was dark.

'Well, it is nighttime and an angry mob just decided to chase me out seeing as I am a so-called 'freak'. Maybe they are right...' Thomas thought to himself.

He started to feel tired and his body ached with over-stimulation.

'Maybe... I can rest for a... little while...' Thomas' thoughts faded and he slowly closed his eyes, drifting quietly off to sleep.

(I'm so excited to write this story)
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