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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2211480
About a penguin who share Valentine's Day with the other penguins.
         David the penguin always had lots of friends. He loved to entertain them too. He was wondering what he should do for Valentine's Day.

"I wonder what I could do or make for my friends for Valentine's Day today? I know! I'll make a love note for everyone. No. That's something I already did the last Valentine's Day. I want it to be special!" said David.

"Dad, why don't you make everyone something to eat this time? I bet they'd like that more anyway!" said Floppy, David's son.

"That's a great idea son! Let me think. I know! It will be a strawberry with strawberry yogurt on top! How's that sound son?" said David happily.

"That sounds great to me dad!" said Floppy.

"Can I help you honey?" asked Puffer's wife, Puffette.

"Yes you can. All we have to do is get some strawberries, strawberry yogurt and popsicle sticks," said David to Puffette.

"That sounds great. But, I think that something else should be included on that idea. How about adding some sunflower seeds to it on the yogurt?" asked Puffette.

"I like that idea! Thanks sweetheart!" said David.

         David had Floppy go to the grocery store with him. He searched and searched but couldn't find any strawberries. David was becoming disappointed.

"All no! The store doesn't have any strawberries! What am I going to do Floppy?" asked David while scratching his own head.

"I don't know Dad," said Floppy.

"Let me think. I know! Why not make it a strawberry flavored popsicle instead of strawberries?" asked David to Floppy.

"Great idea Dad!" said Floppy.

         When David and Floppy got home, they quickly worked on putting yogurt and sunflower seeds on each popsicle. Puffette helped them too. They got all of them done in an hour together. Everyone was happy with what they got done. David and his family went around to all of the penguins at the exhibit in the zoo and gave each one of them one of his special Valentine's Day popsicles.

"Wow! What a great treat! Thanks David!" said a penguin that was David's best friend named Snowflake.

"You're welcome! Have a happy Valentine's Day!" said David.

         David and his family handed out a special Valentine's Day popsicle to all of the penguins, and they made even more friends that day. Everyone was happy and loved their popsicles. Everyone enjoyed their day, including David's family who ate a popsicle too with their old and new friends.

~ The End! ~

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