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by Jolanh
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2211493
Jethro parks was struck by lightning and finds himself in a strange situation.
Jethro hurried to the safety of the building. The lightning struck the ground behind him, and a sonic boom followed, setting off all of the car alarms, "A little to close for comfort." He pushed himself a little faster, hoping to reach the door. His fingers were about to grab the handle when a bolt of lightning struck him down.

He awoke to the steady rhythm of the heart monitor. His body felt like it had been run over by a truck. Jethro attempted to open his eyes only to have them remain closed as if paralyzed. It was the same for limb movement. Thankfully two people were talking nearby.

"Has anyone claimed our latest miracle, Doctor?" a female voice asked.

"His name is Jethro Parkes. The people I talked to want to see him dead. Not that it matters, our job is to keep people alive." A pleasant male voice said.

"I brought the MRI results as you asked. The results were strange. I couldn't make heads or tails of it."

"The results are strange but indicate the brain will not be affected long term. What about the X-rays?"

"According to the X-rays, the bolt shattered two bones. The technician took several pictures. There is evidence of rapid healing."

"I want a full blood workup and a DNA test. I also want this kept between us understood nurse?"

"Yes, Doctor."

Jethro heard the footsteps fade into the distance. He tried to move again, and his foot wiggled a little. He felt the sharp stabbing pain in his right leg, "Why do people want to see me dead? I wonder what I did or what I didn't do?"

Being struck by lightning had caused his brain to forget certain events. Most would view this as a clean slate situation. In Jethro's case, what he didn't know could kill him. Did people want him dead in the metaphorical sense?

"It's both," an ethereal voice said.

Jethro breathed a sigh of relief, "I feel a little better now. Who are you? Wait, did you just read my thoughts?" The uneasy feeling returned with a vengeance.

"My name is Elyon, a Grigori angel, we watch over humanity. The lightning bolt fused us into one being," the angel said.

Being struck by lightning did not instill any belief on Jethro's end. "It finally happened, I have a second personality. Mom always said there was something wrong with me. At least I know what it is."

Elyon scoffed in his mind, "Okay, do you want proof?"

"How do you plan to do that?"

Jethro felt his arm lift from the stiff hospital bed. It drew back and slapped him. He felt the blood rush to his face, and a single tear ran down his cheek. There was only one explanation, "Nothing more than the manifestation of my second personality."

Elyon growled in frustration, "Jethro, you believe we are all made up of tiny particles and molecules. Yet, you tell me you draw the line at the spiritual?"

"How do I know you are telling the truth?"

"Celestial beings are not allowed to lie."

"If you exist, then demons have to exist, right?"


"Then how do I know you aren't a demon?"

Elyon went silent. Jethro went silent in smug victory, "Take that." His triumph was temporary.

"Tell me something smart guy, what happens to people who are talking to themselves in front of hospital staff?" Elyon asked.

"I can't see anything, Einstein," Jethro said.

Nothing prepared him for what happened next. Something bright flashed across his eyelids, his body grew warm. He felt his leg shift back into place painlessly. He heard astonished gasps coming from somewhere to his left. When the light faded, Jethro felt great.

"We need to go now."

Jethro opened his eyes, scanning the area. Two nurses were staring at him, hands outstretched, pointing, and stacks of mixed and matched paperwork laying at their feet.

"So, you're an angel, and we should leave," Jethro said in a weird tone.

"You believe I am an angel now?" Elyon asked in a peeved tone.

"If you knew anything about my life...we will talk about it later. Yes, I now believe you are an angel. There is no way I could have fixed myself," Jethro said. He felt a cold draft between his legs he stopped in his tracks, "I am still wearing the damn hospital gown."

Elyon sounded annoyed, "We don't have time to wait for you to change."

"Because someone roaming the streets in a hospital gown won't attract attention?" Jethro said.

"As opposed to being stuck in a hospital, with people performing horrible experiments on you? Oh, and any demons in the area probably sensed me using my powers and could be headed here now," Elyon said. There was an urgency to his tone Jethro could not ignore.

He ran to the cupboard next to the bed, grabbed his bagged clothing and shoved the nurses aside, and took off down the crowded hall.

"Please tell me you have a plan," Jethro said, looking for an open bathroom to change. Jethro felt his panic growing, "Did everyone get the trots at once?" His hand found another locked bathroom.

"Looks like using my considerable talents cannot be avoided," Elyon said.

Jethro dodged an overweight security guard, who crashed into a wall and fell to the floor in a heap, "You could have gotten us out of here and avoided all this trouble? What's wrong with you?"

Jethro felt his body grow warm again and everyone was looking around.
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