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Western based on Newsfeed
Dwayne Rivers is in jail. He tried to rob the bank but fell off his horse and was captured. Jonas Snape was killed in the robbery so the town want a lynching. But not if the Rivers brothers get to Dwayne first and break him out.
Sheriff Dooley has to fight off all comers to keep the law.

"Has the Doc patched up Rivers," Sheriff Dooley asked as he entered the jail and tossed his hat onto the stand.

"Sure has, Bob. Twas just a scratch anyways. D'ya think his brothers will try to bust him out tonight?" Deputy Finkus Corder wasn't the brightest but he knew how to handle a rifle.

"They sure will, Finkus. And we have to be ready for 'em. Problem is I heard talk in the Bar T there's a lynch mob formin'. You know Jonas was well liked; normally peaceable folk are up in arms." Bob Dooley took his gun out of the holster and reloaded.

"I's got my rifle aready an' I's up fer the fight. Jes' you say the word, Sheriff."

"Put Rivers in cell two, away from the window. We can't cover the back. And lock that door an' put the bar across. I'll watch the front." Dooley crossed to the front window and looked out. The street was empty but for how long. The sun was setting fast.

"All done, Bob," Finkus said, putting the bar across the heavy wooden door that divided the cells from the office. "Coffee?" He grabbed the pot and started brewing.

"Might as well; we're in for a busy night."


Finkus lit the oil lamp as the last rays of sun disappeared behind the distant mountains. Bob Dooley was napping in his chair with his feet up on his desk. A babble from the street alerted Finkus to the crowd fast approaching.

"Bob, wake up, they's here." The Sheriff roused himself and looked out the window. Torches blazed in the hands of about thirty men advancing on the jail. Finkus grabbed his rifle. The Sheriff opened the door and sauntered out onto the sidewalk.

"Y'all know me an' ya know I aint gonna let you have 'im. He will stand trial as soon as the district judge gets here. Then you can have your hanging legal like." Dooley stood his ground, hand hovering over his gun.

"He killed Jonas, now we're gonna kill him," someone shouted from the crowd.

"It aint gonna happen," Dooley shouted back, drawing his gun. "I don't wanna hurt any of ya but I will if I have to." The crowd had come to a standstill and were at least listening. "You have another fight on your hands. The Rivers brothers are on their way here to break him out. Now put that rope away and stand with me to catch the rest of the scum who killed Jonas."

A murmur ran through the crowd. "I'm with ya, sheriff," said one. "Me too." "And me." One by one the men took Dooley's side; just in time as it happened. Hooves were heard in the distance. A cloud of dust signalled the arrival of the gang.

Those of the crowd that carried weapons had them drawn and soon the gang were surrounded. "We've come for our kin." The crowd dragged the gang from their horses, disarmed them, and threw them in the direction of the jail.

"You're gonna join your kin, Rivers," the sheriff said as he manhandled the first in through the door.

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