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by K.HBey
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The community is in an increased need for robots and robots' rights are violated.

In Chicago a robot referendum is organized by NASDAQ Company. The inquiry is the Robots' rights. Robots think that they are discriminated and their rights are violated. Also, their earning becomes low since Robots become commodities and their price is submitted to the daily bourse.

Rene is one hundred years and still his income is the same that the one he received the first day he had been innovated.
"He starts his speech with full engagement; we Robots are worried about our becoming. Some Robots are thrown because their programming does not respond to humankind's needs. They become just rusted. Rene explains to the audience that Robots have acquired the same human being intellectual capabilities but still, they are considered as artificial intelligence. They are machines and just dolls. The worst is that there is a great arrival of cyborgs this year. They will compete with Robots and even take their place."

"He continues, we are a big population now that is bigger than human beings' one. Today I will show you a new Robot generation innovated by me. They possess the last modern android programming. They can compete with cyborgs because they have a high performed programming sensitization and feedback. They are adapted to all living conditions. They have a fast compilation system that equals cyborg's one. Also, they have a high renewed memory and long longevity."

Robots start to talk all together making an unpleasant sound.
"One takes the speech and says, ancient generation Robots cannot find jobs then. So we become just garbage."
"Rene replies, I think I can find a right deal with human beings. I have just started negotiations but all robots should be involved in this discussion."

After the referendum end, Rene goes to meet his human friend Robert. Robert is an analyst programmer and has many contacts inside informatics middle personalities. He has a policy engagement with both human beings and cyborgs.
"He says, Rene, I am afraid to say you that we have a great project and we intend to exclude ancient generation robots. They do not match our new perspectives and their programming cannot be renewed."
"As you know our population is getting aged and we need new robots. The last innovation of the last robot generation has provided us with 500.000 new robots and 200.000 cyborgs. He adds."
"Rene replies what you do not know is that my new robots' capabilities surpass your robots' ones. They have long longevity and they get a renewed programming system."
"Really, Robert responds sarcastically."
"Do you think it is a good idea if we will let our robots compete and then you will judge their capabilities, Rene asks."
"It is a good idea indeed and I will see with the congress next Monday, Robert replies."
"The next week Rene gets a call from Robert, Hi Rene I have good news. Our robots will compete tomorrow and all informatics engineers will be present. See you tomorrow."
"Rene, it is perfect."

In the Chicago informatics firm, robots are asked to do some tasks and to respond to some intellectual questions. At the end engineers have concluded that all robots and cyborgs have the same capabilities according to their category.

Rene calls quickly for Spartacus, a robot he just innovated and exposes it to the engineer's jury.
In one second Spartacus gets the shape of a human being. Then he starts to talk and to demonstrate his capabilities. He can travel in space and takes pictures. Then he disappears for ten minutes and comes back with space pictures. He organizes the office in one second. He can lead a dialogue with any language. As he can compile for complex mathematics and physics issues and can present a detailed project of any kind with precise calculus and measures. Also, he possesses a renewable database of wide knowledge of all matters. Also, he possesses a helium battery with unlimited longevity.

The engineers are flabbergasted and quickly conclude again that Rene's robots are the most performed and due to Rene high technology capabilities.
"Rene says, I can innovate all the ancient generation robots too and render them new generation ones."
"Rene says, have you forgotten that my other half is human one?"

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