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A walk down memory lane to my childhood neighborhood.
It has been so many years in my life since I have seen it all as well as done it all. Throughout all my life, gone to school, tried all the many things that technology has to offer, went to amusement parks, and bought as many calculators as one could possibly count (RIMSHOT!). As I grow older, I may not remember some of the many events that I have enjoyed in my life; However, if there was one thing that I would always remember, it is my childhood home that is located in the Northeast in my former home of Philadelphia.
That childhood home is called 5846 Penn St. Although most of you may not know the name of this neighborhood, I surely do. It is a neighborhood in which I have grown up, from when I was a child to just before I was about to turn 22 in 1996. It was that year when my grandmother became sick and had that heart attack. She is gone now, but somewhere in my heart I know that my grandmother had been a strong woman-When my mother was too mentally ill to take care of me, she took me in. And then there was the other way around-When my grandmother became too ill to care for me, my own mother took me in…
But I do not want to dwell on what has happened to me in the years to come. I have been through too much of such pain in my life already. What I would like to talk about right now is my childhood neighborhood. Yes, 5846 Penn St. is a street in which I have enjoyed living. My family and I would have the most wonderfulest of times: The block parties, the trick-or-treating, everything…
There was during this one block party, however, that I became somehow rebellious in some way: I wanted to join the adults under the sprinkling waters from the hydrant, but my grandmother said no because that is packed with drunken adults who could be bad. I don’t know if I remember this or not, but somehow, I snapped at my grandmother, telling her that I am not a child and that I am older. But an order is an order, and my grandmother forced me inside…
And now, we fast-forward to 2020. I am now older, old enough to do whatever my heart pleases. But I have since become a Christian, so maybe my grandmother was right in saying that I should not get mixed with bad people. I do not live in Philadelphia anymore. I live in Delaware, as a food service cleaner at Sodexo for ServiceSource, and I still write and draw, as well as the fact that I am now an author! Funny how time flies when you are having fun…
But no matter how old I am going to get, I shall always remember my old childhood neighborhood, 5846 Penn St. in Northeast Philadelphia, PA.

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