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Rated: E · Preface · Contest Entry · #2212180
Synopsis for Picture a Story Contest February 2020 - 1st Place
"You really done it this time Charlie!"

"I know, I KNOW, I'm so sorry Mabel!" Charlie plunked himself down on the back of the park bench. Just moments ago he and Mabel were sitting on the bench having a lovely conversation when, BAM, they're crows. CROWS! Not even hands for a counter-spell!

Charlie, a warlock, has been living as a normal for many years just so that he could be with Mabel. But, lately, his magic has taken a strange turn, like changing cars into toasters and dogs into bats! And now he and his beloved have been turned into crows. He has not consorted with any of his kind in so long he has no idea where to find them to ask for help. To make matters worse everything they were wearing and carrying are now attached to them in the shape of feathers, including the keys to their house!

With night coming on it looks like Charlie and Mabel will be spending the night in Central Park...as crows!

Come morning they will start their search for a witch or warlock that will change them back and maybe even tell Charlie why his magic has gone haywire!

That is...if they survive the night.
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