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Lily is an advanced robot who used to be Human before evil scientists changed her.
A young woman was walking down the street. She was of Japanese descent in her early twenties, with milk white skin and long raven black hair that went over her shoulders, and sharp narrow brown eyes. She wore a snow white beanie, a pair of glasses, a long sleeved black leather jacket with a grey shirt underneath, a short red skirt with black spots, black leggings, and brown boots.

She ducked into an alleyway near a motel. “Alright Lily, let’s see if you can do this.” The women said to herself, her skin then shifted into a silver shine.

For this was Agent Lily. Up until recently she had been a normal Human being. But earlier that night, she had been transformed into a powerful Android by FutureSys, the company she had been infiltrating for the FBI. Now, she had a new goal in mind. To find whoever in the FBI had sold her out to FutureSys, and protect her husband, son and daughter.

Now, she had transformed back into her original form. A form of fair complexion, a muscular figure with ample curves, bronze brown hair in a ponytail, and glistening silver eyes. Lily was now wearing orange hair lily pin, red sweater, black skirt, and black boots.

“There, I should probably keep that disguise form in reserve.” Lily said to herself as she accessed her alternate forms in her robotic HUD. And saw both the form she took after her dramatic escape from FutureSys, and her original form.

Lily made her way to her motel room, and using her liquid metal skin, turned her right index finger into a key to get in. She entered, and quickly got the possessions she had brought with her for her mission. Mainly bags for clothes and toiletries, she wondered to herself if she even needed them anymore.

She quickly made her way to the train station, and boarded a train for her home. Lily had managed to get a private compartment. “Come on... please pick up.” She said anxiously as she dialed her husband, hoping that he would pick up.

“Lily... it’s good to hear from you. But do you know how late it is?” Lily’s husband, Aaron said groggily.

“I’m sorry Aaron. But I need to know, are Jonathan and Rachel okay?” Lily said in concern.

“Yep... pretty sure there alive.” Aaron said sardonically. “But... you sound off.

“Look, it’s a long story. Suffice it to say, my mission has taken an... odd turn. I’m coming home, I promise I’ll explain when I get home.” Lily said.

“Does the bureau know-”

“No! They can’t know! Just... I’ll explain when I get home. Goodnight Aaron, I love you.” Lily said.

“Love you to babe.” Aaron said as he hung up. Lily took a deep, relieved breath.

“Who am I kidding? My lungs don’t even work that way anymore.” Lily said to herself, she then went to bed. And, while she no longer needed sleep. She could hack into systems, so as she ‘slept’ she infiltrated the FBI networks to try to find out who sold her out to FutureSys. As well as FutureSys network in turn, to learn more about the project that led to her being turned into an android.

Apparently there were six other people who were turned into robots by FutureSys nanobots. Eventually, on the last train to her home, Lily’s sensors detected a hostile on the train. “I was wondering when FutureSys would send someone.” She said to herself as she left her compartment, and went up to the top of the train.

“Model 001 to Command, I have located Model 007. Preparing to apprehend.” The android said in an emotionless robotic voice. He was male, looked relatively spindly and like Lily he had shining silver skin.

“Yeah, no.” Lily said as she transformed into her silver form, complete with her hair flowing straight up, and with her liquid metal angel wings. “I’ve had enough of FutureSys hospitality for one lifetime thank you.”

The fight began, with Model 001 using mainly a liquid metal sword. While Lily used her shoulder thrusters to keep out of reach of its weapons.

“Just have to get a moment to strike.” Lily thought to herself as she fired at Model 001 with her palm mounted laser cannons.

“Model 007 is resisting acquisition. Must take to flight.” Model 001 said robotically, as its own shoulder thrusters lit up.

“There it is!” Lily thought to herself. She then fired a powerful beam from her mouth at Model 001 through its heart.

“Error... error.” Model 001 said as it fell over as it’s pulse fusion reactor of a heart was destroyed.

“Now... let’s see if I can do this.” Lily said as she landed next to the deactivated Model 001. Out of her robotic index finger emerged a needle, filled with a grey liquid. She squirted the nanobots around Model 001’s head.

Eventually, Model 001 repaired itself, and shot awake. “Where... where am I?” Model 001 said, looking confused.

“You’re on a train, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Lily or Model 007 as you were calling me.” Lily said.

“I... I remember. I volunteered for a project that FutureSys would cure my cancer and... oh no.” Model 001 said in concern.

“‘Oh no’ what?” Lily asked.

“I hacked into the train, and destroyed the breaks!” Model 001 said.

“Oh for the love of-” Lily said in frustration as she flew up towards the train as it sped towards the train station. To make matters worse, there was a train already at the station, and wouldn’t likely move away in time. Lily flew in front of the train, and used her strength and thrusters to attempt to slow down the train, and keeping a serious accident from occurring. “Okay... okay that was too close.” Lily said, too exhausted to notice that people were taking pictures of her.

She made her way back to her cabin along with Model 001. “So it’ll be awhile before we actually get off. So why don’t you tell me about yourself.” Lily said hospitably to Model 001.

“My... I know my name. It’s... its Jack. I don’t remember much else. Only that I had cancer, and that FutureSys turned me to a robot for my troubles.” Jack said somberly.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. We’ll both not only take our revenge on FutureSys for what they’ve done to us, but restore the free will of the other Models.” Lily said.

“Ma’am, I don’t remember much... but I remember enough to know that the other models were often kind of... monstrous. I think at least one was a serial killer that FutureSys got their hands on.” Jack said.

“I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Lily said.

Eventually, Lily had finally returned home. It was a relatively modest two story house in the suburbs. Lilly used a liquid metal key to open the door. “Honey! I’m home!” Lily said, as she had arrived home just in time for breakfast.

“Mommy!” Lily’s children, Jonathan and Rachel proclaimed happily as they charged towards their mother. “We missed you mommy!” They said as they hugged Lily, and she hugged them in turn.

“I missed you guys to.” Lily said, relieved that her family was unmolested by FutureSys or anyone else.

“Did you see the Angel?” Rachel asked, this question made Lily give a perplexed look on her face.

“What Angel?” Lily asked, unsure of what her daughter was talking about.

“An Angel saved a train from crashing!” Jonathan said; unknowingly mention how Lily had saved the train she was on.

“Yeah, there calling her the Silver Angel, wild huh?” Aaron said from the kitchen where he was making breakfast.

“Oh... well let’s get to eating shall we?” Lily said, putting on a happy face for her children as she joined her family in breakfast. It was pancakes, eggs and bacon.

When they were done, Lily and Aaron went to their bedroom. “Alright Lily, what did you need to talk to me about?” Aaron asked.

“Well...” Lily said awkwardly. “During my mission, I was compromised. I was captured by FutureSys and...” Lily then turned withdrew her liquid metal skin from her head. “They turned me into a robot.”

“Oh... wow. I mean, that’s... WOW.” Aaron said, not sure how to react that his wife had been turned into a robot.

“To make matters worse, they wanted me to kill you and the twins! But I wouldn’t allow them... so I escaped, and made my way back home. And... well another thing.” Lily said as she transformed into her Silver Form, complete with the angel wings. “I’M the Silver Angel the kids were talking about.”

“Well... look Lily. You may be different now. But I know for a fact you’re the same women I love. So what if you’re a robot now? You’re still the love of my life.” Aaron said determinedly as he placed a hand on Lily’s chin.

“Thanks Aaron... after what I’ve been through. I really need someone I can talk to about this.” Lily said, the two of them then kissed each other on the lips.

“Your lips feel just as real as ever.” Aaron commented. “Though I have to ask... can you-”

“Yes, I can turn into other forms... I’m honestly a feel both freaked out and disgusted by it.” Lily said as she shifted to her default form.

“Okay... are we still on for our plans? The kids are looking forward to going to my parent’s cabin.” Aaron asked.

“Of course Aaron... I made a promise to them, and I’m going to keep it. Besides, right now I want to put as much distance between myself and my spy work.” Lily said.

“But what will you do when we get back from that?” Aaron asked.

“Let me worry about me, I already got a few ideas on what to do anyway.” Lily said. “And while I’m sure you have a LOT of questions about how I work now... but I’ve only just got home, and I’d rather not bring it up again too soon.” Lily said.

“So I’ll just go and play with the kids?” Aaron asked.

“Yeah, it’s good to see them again. But I need a mental break.” Lily said as she walked over to the full length mirror in the bathroom, Aaron left the room. “That and I need to... experiment with my form changing. See what I can imagine for myself.” Lily said as her skin turned into a shimmering silver, and using her HUD. Figured out how to customize forms for herself.

But above all, she was home, and her loved ones were safe. And the Silver Angel... she had always wanted to be a super hero when she was a child. She could work with that in her mission.
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