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Excerpt of a story about a young man getting over his ex girlfriend.
Jamie stumbled through the door. Her knees wobbled as she propped herself up with the wall and kicked off her black and white stiletto heels.

“Ah!” Jamie sighed in relief. She made little circles with her ankle and resumed removing her other heel. Now, back down on her feet, Jamie hobbled out into her dark kitchen. Without hesitation, she flipped on her lights and screamed.

“David, you scared me!” Jamie beamed. Jamie checked her pink watch. “What are you doing here at this hour?”

The man with dirty blonde hair lifted his head from his hands, revealing beautiful brown eyes dripping with tears. Jamie started over to the table at which the man was sitting. The middle-aged woman with red hair ran her fingers through David’s messy hair.

“My darling,” Jamie said softly and slowly, still rubbing his head, “don’t cry.” She smiled faintly at him, walked over to the cupboard above her sink, and reached her bejeweled arm out to the handle. The soft spoken woman opened the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of pain medication. David watched her with teary eyes as she took a handful of the pills.

Jamie noticed his wandering eyes. “Want some?” she said, smiling.

The man shook his head, and returned his gaze back to the white and gray table cloth. Jamie rolled her eyes.

“Don’t just sit there, tell me why you’re sitting in my kitchen, crying, at 2:31 in the morning.”

David inhaled a deep breath. “Christine d-dumped me..” he said shakily and still in disbelief.

“Ha!” Jamie exclaimed, not surprised. “I called it! Jessie owes me 10 bucks!”

David looked up at the drunken woman sickly, and started to cry even more. “Y-You don’t even care do you? I’m your son!”

Jamie shrugged her shoulders. “Yea, the son I paid money for to live on campus with his best friend, not to come breaking into the house whenever his sad little heart gets broken.” Jamie said sickly. David inhaled sharply and returned his head into his now-soaked hands. “Look,” Jamie tried to explain. “I’m sorry, that came out a lot harsher than it was meant to be.” “I’m sorry about you and Mira, but you have to get over it, she was an ass anyway.”

David stared at his drunken mother in disgust. “She is not! I loved her!”

Jamie chuckled and walked out into the living room. She placed a white pillow on the end of the couch and patted it gently. “You may sleep here tonight, but only for tonight. I don’t want you driving back to campus this late. You hear me?”

The son nods and pads over to the couch and removes his shirt. Jamie pressed her lips to his warm forehead and kissed him goodnight.

“Get some rest.” She said sharply.

The boy smiles and crawls into the warm blanket covering the couch. “Goodnight mom.”

Word count: 478
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