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Inspired by Hebrews 12:2, allusions to Isaiah
Oh Lord God, deliver us
from this prison ... of a crooked, broken,
scattered and imperfect language.
         —Joseph Smith Jr.

He doesn’t stop us
from wielding words like swords
or cudgels in His name
after the manner of our language.
We quote scripture, spare not
the rod, reason that we need
land blows only once
and they will learn,

but we never learn.
Fallen, broken, stunned by grief,
we stammer toward God

who wraps wounds in Word,
daubs written ointment deep
in weeping sores, massages
life back into bruises
with balm of His cadence.
In His lines laid down
like red ribbons, we read
and are healed.

Contest/publish records:
Chosen for Mormon Lit Blitz 2020 Long List https://lit.mormonartist.net/2020/05/9th-annual-mormon-lit-blitz-long-list/
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