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Two guys tangle with the wrong girls
My best friend had been attending ITT Tech, a vocational institution in San Antonio. She had been making cow eyes at a certain cute guy that had captured her attention. For nearly a month, his name was all I seemed to hear. He bedazzled her, said all the right words and was a honey talkn southern boy.

Then. It finally happened. He asked her out. She dang new blew my eardrum over the phone with her victory squeal. Then, she lowered the boom. He had only wanted to go IF she could hook his best friend up with a date. We all know how this goes...

The night of the date, he calls her to say he has car trouble. No problem. I had a car and I'd drive. We picked them up and they suggested we stop for a bite to eat before we headed to the movie theater. Sure, ok. No problem. Knowing they were college students, we all agreed McDonald's was our pit stop. We placed our orders and much to their consternation, they had BOTH forgotten their wallets. Sure, ok. No problem. My friend and I paid for the meals, the guys swearing they'd pay us back as soon as we got them back to their dorms.

Not wanting to spoil this night for my friend, we went on to the movies and we again shelled out the money for our dates. After the movie, her date asks if we could stop at a grocery store. They needed to get a few things. As they disappeared into the store, I asked my friend how did she suppose they were going to pay for anything, considering neither had their wallets?

We were starting to smell rats.

They come out of the store, not carrying a single thing. My suspicions doubled. As they approached the car, I asked my friend to just trust me and go along with what I say. She nodded as they got back in the car. They put their arms around us and asked what we wanted to do next.

I smiled warmly and suggested we go to the underpass. Now, the underpass was a well-known spot a few miles out fo town were country bumpkins liked to gather under an overpass and drink and swim in the river. That spot, the river was mild and not very deep but fun to cool off on hot Texas nights. They grinned and quickly agreed. As we approached the place where you turn off the road and take a mud tail down the slope, I made out like the car was overheating. I assured them, I was just going to add some water and my friend and I would be right down and they should go on down and get on in the water. Yes, I winked at them. As soon as my friend and I heard them splashing, she and I eased down behind a few trees, thankful it was dark out.

We grabbed their clothes and eased back up the slope, got in the car and drove off. A mile down the road, we pulled over. I searched their pants and low and behold found two wallets! What's more, they each had more than enough money to cover the expenses of the evening. We tossed their clothes back out on the side of the road and went home. The next day, took only the money they owed us out. We clipped up their credit cards. We found a Victoria's secret box that was not discrete about what the box contained and boxed up their wallets and snail-mailed it back to the dorms.

Never heard from them again.

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