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Arlene has trouble finding her way.
Wrong Way

“Excuse me,” Arlene asked, rolling down her window.

The farmer ambled over.

“Name’s Zeke. What can I do for yah?”

“Can you direct me to Piney Woods Recreational Area?”

“You’re going the wrong way,” the man said and proceed to give her incomprehensible directions.

“Thanks Zeke, I got it.”

She drove in the general direction he’d pointed. Farmland rolled past her and she began to doubt Zeke’s sense of direction. Seeing a tractor coming down the road, she flagged it down.

“Can you show me how to get to Piney Woods?”

“Name’s Tad. I sure can!”

Arlene listened, but between his accent and the chewing tobacco in his mouth, she understood nothing. When he pointed left, she got in her car, thanked him and took a left.

“Good thing Brett…,” she started, then stopped.

Arlene followed the road endlessly. She came to a battered farmhouse. A man was sitting on a stool. Pulling up, she asked the same question.

“Name’s Jim. Go up to the fork and take a right.”

She muttered thanks and left. Arlene was starting to wonder if she would ever make Piney Woods! A siren wailed behind her.

Burying her panic, Arlene pulled over. The trooper approached her.

“You lost ma’am?”

“I’m looking for Piney Woods.”

“Bet you asked three guys named Zeke, Tad and Jim."

When she nodded, he grinned.

“Them fellas like to confuse strangers. I can guide you….”

“No thanks…”

The trooper began sniffing.

“Mind if I check your trunk?”

Arlene felt her foot on the gas pedal starting to go down. The law opened her door.

“Step outside ma’am!”

After cuffing and putting her in his cruiser, he went back. He popped the trunk and found what was left of Brent. She should have gone somewhere easier to bury him.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2212333