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Something has upset her. If only he knew what it was. Screams!!! 2/8/2020
Those Misty Eyes

He pulled his head back away from hers. Something was wrong, for those lips, usually so full of passion, were far from being so on this night. He reached out a finger, placed it beneath her chin and gently lifted her head so that he could look into her eyes.

Her eyes had that misty look that comes from trying to hold back tears. Why though? Everything seemed to be going so well between them.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I... I can't tell you," she said, pulling away from his finger and looking down at the ground.

He frowned. She couldn't have found someone else, or she would have told him. Perhaps someone had seen him out with his sister. She'd never lived around here, and it wasn't so difficult to imagine that someone had seen him and her together. That was the problem with small towns; they were always full of people that were ready and willing to spread gossip, no matter how unfounded it was.

"Has someone said something?"

She shook her head, still keeping her eyes looking downward.

"They did, didn't they! Someone saw me out with Cathy, put two and two together and made five. She's my sister!" He glanced down at her, trying to gauge the effect of his words. "She was only paying a quick visit, otherwise I'd have introduced you."

She still had not moved and it was beginning to get aggravating.

"Honestly, if I'd found someone else I'd tell you. Please don't cry."

She looked up then, a single tear made its way from the corner of her left eye and made it's meandering way down her cheek. She swallowed, then finally spoke: "I know."

It made no sense to him. If she knew, why was she crying? Unless... no, it couldn't be. But once that doubt had been planted it wouldn't go away. "It's you, isn't it. You've found someone else."

She shook her head in complete denial, and something about her told him that she was being honest. He'd not realized that he had been holding his breath until he let it out in relief.

"Well, then, what are you crying for? Please, tell me."

She looked up, stared him in the eye. "It's not that I have found someone else, or that you have found someone else." She let her glance drift over his shoulder before she continued. "It is that someone has found you. I'm sorry. I really, truly am."

"What are you talking about? Who has found me?"

"I have." A deep voice spoke from behind him, and he turned. There, behind him, stood one tall guy. For all his height he was slim, very pale.

"Who the hell are you?"

Just after he had asked the question, the man smiled, and, as he did so, revealed two long teeth. What was this? Some kind of game? He looked back towards her, and as much as she tried, she could not hide her own fangs that had lengthened at the prospect of a feed.

The man gripped him hard, and bent forward, harshly piercing his neck all the way through to the jugular vein. He struggled, of course he did, but he grew weaker by the second. Only when he was barely conscious did she step forward for her own turn.

"Like I said, I really am sorry," she said, then buried her teeth into his neck.

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