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Something tells me that we are still in dark times right now...
America has had many worst days in their lives, and never there was such a day quite like this: The Republicans have acquitted the President of charges of abusing power as well as obstruction of Congress. This party has allowed the President, who is also a Republican himself, to go off scot-free, and as of this writing, he remains in the office. And I am thinking that I know for sure that he is going to remain in office and continue spewing every lie that would come out of his mouth. Because of all these things and so much more, we are facing as much darker times than ever before.
I am also thinking that our President cares more about accusing news outlets such as CNN as being “fake news” that about the millions of people who are in fear of getting their Social Security cut; And yes, the President cares more about saying very bad things about the Democrats than about the many people who are going to get their food stamps cut off because if and when they do, then they won’t have anything to buy with that would put food on the table for themselves and their own children. And do you know what else? I think the President does not even care about gun control-He cares more about wanting to win an election by, I think, rigging it.
Each and every day, we are worried sick about the behavior of our President, and that kind of behavior could get all of us in this great country of ours in a lot more trouble than it’s already worth if none of us do something about it. Yes, our country is divided, and I fear that it is going to continue to be divided in the days, weeks, and months to come if something is not done for us to try and change this hateful behavior of our President.

You see, greed does not solve problems. It creates them. Hate does not solve any problems either. It creates them, too. And do you want to know something else, my dearest friends? Being famous for their own gain instead of focusing on the problems of the people of America does not solve anything at all. It creates as many more problems than they solve.
I am thinking that it is very well time that we tweet to the President by telling him to stop tweeting about himself and his allies & foes, and to start focusing on the issues and problems of America, because that is what every President is supposed to do-U.S. Presidents are supposed to put the issues and problems of the people of America first, and his own interests second. And he should also listen to the advice of the Democrats, and to tell him that he should be doing the right things for his country, and to not ever be thinking about himself.
And so with that, even though we are still in the midst of the darkness of division in this country, we could at least try to make something brighter here by making our President a changed and much better person than he is, and to make the Democrats & Republicans work together to compromise on the most important issues. I am hoping as well as praying that we are doing these right things. May the Lord God bless and have mercy on us all.
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