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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Psychology · #2212591
Simon tries something.
In The Age Of FB

“I don’t agree with you,” Simon heard a voice say.

When he looked up, Helen from his Psych class was standing beside him in the Common Room. Briefly, he was startled.

“What particular thing I said brought on an actual verbal response?”

“I disagree with everything you said,” she told him.

“Could you narrow it down, I say a lot of things, usually on social media.”

Helen gave an exasperated huff.

“Take a seat and tell me what you mean?” Simon invited.

Helen took the chair across from him. Pulling out her phone, she began to type. Simon cleared his throat.

“What you’re doing right now is one of the things I’ve been ranting about!”

Helen looked embarrassed, shut down her phone and stowed it in her backpack.

“Ah, we can return to the almost lost art of conversation!”

Helen leaned forward.

“Conversation is not a lost art!”

“You just proved that it was,” Simon told her.

Helen sat staring ahead. Her eyes kept straying to her backpack. Simon watched her anxiously. Finally, she opened her mouth.

“What’ll we talk about?”

“How about us?” Simon suggested.

“As far as I know, there is no us,” Helen reminded him.

“No, but there could be! Those online bios cannot possible tell a person everything about another person. If you want, I’ll start,” Simon said.

Helen nodded.

“Do you like to read? What kind of books? Why do you like them?”
Simon began peppering her with questions. As they talked, there was laughter, indignation, smiles and a couple of frowns.

Suddenly, Simon’s phone began to ring loudly.

“Don’t answer that! We’re having a conversation here,” Helen retorted.

Simon grinned. His social experiment for Psych class was starting well. No names of course, but it should be some paper!

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2212591