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Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2212667
Finding out your were right when you believed in something nobody else did.
For Christine

A young girl loved to dream and imagine. She loved all stories of old, which spoke of dragons, fairies, gnomes and more.
So many people just thought of them as just stories figments of imagination. She held strong that they were real you just need to believe

She loved to roam the land she lived at; there were many places to explore. A grove of trees where you could hide and image gnomes living and fairies in the trees. On the highest part of the land, there was a rock formation and very old large oak tree. She loved to go there too and hide or just sit on the rock watching the world around her. If she sat quiet enough she could even image seeing fairies flying around.

One evening there was a storm, with howling winds, loud booms of thunder and cracks of lighting. In the morning, the young girl went to investigate what damage happened. The grove of trees had broken branches and one tree split. There would need to be a lot of cleanup.

Next, she went to check by the old oak tree, dirt had moved and many rocks had fallen. The young girl was sad and starting picking up rocks.

As she bent to pick up her third rock, pinned on the side was wing that appeared to be like a dragon fly wing. When she picked the rock up underneath was a tiny fairy. The young girl nearly dropped the rock, but fell hard on her butt on the wet ground.

WOW, what are you? She gently picked up the fairy, and tried to dry her off with the sleeve of her shirt. The fairy was not moving and the young girl was unsure of what to do next. She held the fairy close to her to warm it. She sat there thinking trying to figure out what she should do. Fairies are real. She was getting cold herself sitting, so she carefully stood up. Once she stood, she felt a flutter of movement under her hand. She was startled. Slowly opened her hand that was against her chest and the fairy was awake and fluttering her wings. The young girl was amazed at the fairy now sitting in her hand. She always believed.

Then all a sudden, the fairy started to dart about flying off the young girl's hand. The fairy seemed afraid, but then stopped for a quick moment and kissed the young girl on the nose, fluttering right before eyes. A thank you kiss. Then the fairy just fly off. As soon as it was gone, it started to rain.
The young girl stood in the rain as she cried with joy. The tears mingled with the raindrops. Fairies do exist.

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