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The story of a little dragon outcast who becomes a strong protectress, (68 Lines)
The Legend of Epona

Kathleen McNamara

When Ponee was a small one
barely spitting fire,
the mothers would all whisper
about the strange one in the Shire.

Her scales, so pale in color
her wings bore a blush of rose.
But it was the color of her talons,
she had shiny silver toes.

Ponee knew that she was not the same.
The dragons teased her everyday.
When asked why she was different
she knew not what to say.

Her mother held her close one night
when Ponee asked her if she knew.
Was there something that could change her?
“So I can look like you.”

Her mother’s wings wrapped around her.
“Ponee, listen as I say.”
“Everyone is different for a reason.”
“You will understand this all someday.”

The year passed by and Ponee grew
wise and tall and strong.
When younger dragons joined the group,
she made sure that they belonged.

Dragon training days were soon over.
The Pairing Days drew near.
Humans would choose the strongest dragons.
No one would choose her, Ponee’s fear.

So much excitement in the Shire,
dragon parents full of pride.
When they saw their dragon students
take their humans for a ride.

Ponee stood on the sidelines.
Tears dripping from her eyes.
When a cry rose from the Shire,
“There’s a pink unicorn in the sky!”

Everyone watched in wonder
as the visitors came to rest
near Ponee and her parents saying,
“We are from the Kingdom of the West.”

The unicorn knelt down slowly
and the princess on his back
looked around the shire
and this question she did ask.

Looking straight at Ponee,
“Maybe you can help, my dear.”
“I am looking for Epona.”
“I was told I would find her here.”

“It was long foretold of her return
to protect in our time of need,
the pink unicorns of my kingdom,
the last of a special breed.”

Ponee rose and shyly said,
“Your Highness, I am she.”
“My name is really Epona.”
“Are you sure that you need me?”

The unicorn rose and approached her.
The princess extended her hand.
“I name you, Dragoness Epona,
Protectress of my lands.”

The princess turned to Ponee’s parents.
“One more question I must ask.”
“Would you join Epona in the West
and help her with this task?”

The unicorn leapt up to the sky
with the dragons by his side.
The princess on Epona’s back,
her very first dragon ride.

68 Lines
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