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by Evan
Rated: E · Prose · Philosophy · #2213081
0ur universal human intellect .
Unto what means I should be trying to compose a prose that would ever be taken seriously . Why write ,for as the flow of modern social thought just do not could care less for a hidden and most feeblest of thought . The intention to create is a natural instinctual pulse. That pulse from a progressive genetical intellect . A mind absolute able to discern the courses taken by our ancestors to command logical thinking to survive and conquer after innumerable social trials . We , hominids are not that distinct from other mammals of species, though our distinction reigned above the rest of those others . We are consumed by our intellects , our most distinct of human features . That universal human intellect is the common ground that separate us from everything and anything else .Now, we do need to take into consideration that we are not made by a sole genetical hominid DNA of traits . Somewhere among discovered scientific specifics .We are a combination of two or more hominids of species . Archaic hominids DNA's still and forever seeded into our human of traits .There are so many facts that needed to be discover and study to manufacture our sense of how we become such a social intellectual human species . Our genetics is what separate us from everybody else . Our most closest of cousins . Your neighbors . The human individuals walking daily among us .We think that we are unique from the rest . No . We think alike upon given social circumstances ,then we individually choose what do pertains to our most intrinsic of wills . ..what should I care about this weak thought to encompass social modern human behaviors...because is an instinctual progressive of thought . Nothing else . We humans are immersed into the oceans of the mystery of individuality ,that we are not able to come up to the surface to sense other human realities . A universal awareness of social progressive being . To share ideals of commonality as we keep living to make this sense of humanity ,logical, not regional ….
unto what means I should be trying to compose a prose that would ever be taken seriously...for the sake of a sole intention to provoke a modern concern upon our human relentless history...
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2213081-The-Dissertations-LXIV