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Dedicated to Demi Lovato's song, "Skyscraper."
The voices started getting loud
invading my mind.
Their torture wasn’t near enough,
so, I cut and cried.

Depressions just a real deep hole
in which your mind resides.
The voices they will keep you there
not allowing you fight or flight.

The voices said that I’m too fat.
So, I starved myself in shame.
The voices living in my mind
Laughed at me as I thinned out.

I withdrew from everyone
when I should have asked for help.
I couldn’t shut the voices up,
so, I cut and cried instead.

Slowly I started getting strong
enough to ask for help.
But the voices knew they owned my soul.
and they pulled me back inside.

I knew I had to free myself
untangle from this mess.
But my soul was almost dead
so, I cut and cried instead.

I wrote on the mirror
with my blood.
So, my mother she would see.
It said in red, “I need your help.”

I got the help, released my soul.
Untangled from this mess, I will rise.
I feel strong and I can smile,
so, I no longer cut and cry.

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