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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Paranormal · #2213626
George takes the lost garden âth in order to play hide and seek with his friends.

Karen and George are siblings. Each day after the school they use to play hide and seek.
In their wide garden full of exotic trees and multicolored flowers they spend pleasant moments.
"Karen let's start it over, yesterday you lost to find me". George says.
"Wait a minute please; our friends Camille and Peter will join us." Karen replies.
"It is Ok Karen!"

Camille and peter come and join them.
"Who will hide himself first?" Camille asks.
"Usually George is the first to hide himself." Karen says.
"It is Ok! Let's start then George." Peter says.
"Why not go to the veranda instead and close the windows when you hide yourself?" Peter says.
"It is a good idea." George says.

George chooses a lost garden path. When being with her sister he has never dared to be there.
At the entrance of the path there is a place muffled by a thick layer of fog.
"Time is up." Says Peter
They go forward searching for George.
Running, laughing and singing they are getting fun together.
They go in different directions calling together; "George where are you?" But there is no response
Time passes quickly and it is late.

Misou is George's dog. It comes quickly to Karen and gives her George's hat.
Karen calls her parents quickly. "George is in danger", she says.
The police come but no one returns from the lost path. Police declare the place haunted and classified as a path that leads to the third dimension.
They decide to use an experimental magnetic device that could change the magnetic strengths.
George seems himself threatened by an earthquake and suddenly he arrives to dissipate the path that leads to his home garden.
"George", all his friends are calling and excited when they see him again.

297 words

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