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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2213818
There is nowhere to go but forwards
They were all strangers, but the three of them found themselves in the dimly lit corridor, walking together. Each was hoping that the others knew what they were doing.

The only thing that each of them was certain of was, they had to be out of this place before sunrise.

They hadn’t introduced themselves to each other, there was no time for such unimportant, trivial things. They needed to get out. They’d seen what had happened to the others that were with them up until a few minutes ago and realised that this place was worse than it seemed at first. It was in fact, evil.

The man in the group followed behind two women, the younger looking of which, stayed in the middle.

They moved slowly, avoiding contact with the damp and stained walls, towards a mouldy looking door. The woman in front set a slow pace to be sure that nobody slipped on the slime that ran from the walls and covered the floor.

The woman in the middle made a sniffing sound which made the leader of the group turn and look. She nodded in acknowledgement that she could smell it too.

The man at the back looked behind himself to see if he could see the source of the putrid oder. There was nothing there but the long slime coated corridor with closed, discoloured doors lining both sides.

The door was only a few metres in front of them now. They didn’t know if it was the way out or not, but they didn’t have much choice in the directions to head. There was nothing but a brick wall at the end where they arrived.

The youngest of the three slipped and almost fell sideways. She automatically put her arm out to support herself. She knew what she had done the moment her hand touched the slime on the walls.

She was about to scream, but the scent of ammonia took her breath away and left her coughing instead.
The older woman turned and looked, panic written across her face. She then stopped being careful and began to run towards the door.

The man followed, ignoring the younger women as she fell and slipped again. This time, she fell flat and sprawled across the floor.

The others ran, the door seemed to be getting further away from them and their feet stuck in the slime on the floor, holding them back, stopping them going faster.

The woman on the floor watched the slime begin to transform her hand and begin to spread up her arm. She knew what was happening. It happened to the others with them earlier.

The smell of rotting flesh replaced the amonia as her entire body began to turn into a walking, stinking, angry being and began to chase the man and woman in front, down the narrow, dim corridor.

The older woman reached the door and the man watched her disappear through it, letting it slam shut behind her, hiding whatever was behind it.

He heard the creature closing in behind him, it’s stench making him want to stop and throw up. He’d already seen what these things do before rotting themselves quickly back into the nightmare slime running down the walls. He continued to struggle to run.

He reached the door and it opened more easily than he thought. He Nearly fell through it, but managed to maintain his balance. He slammed it behind him and pushed his back against it, to hold it closed.

Ahead of him, he watched the older woman struggling to run along yet another long corridor, a carbon copy of the one behind the door he was holding closed.

He felt a thud against his back. The creature was trying to force the door open.
When it didn’t budge, it began to scratch at the wood, only centimetres behind him. He remained, back against the door, managing to hold it.

The scratching stopped and he heard the creature walk away from the door. It let out an ear piercing screech and thudded back towards it.

This time he couldn’t hold it. The wood splintered and cracked and the door flew open, sending the man sprawling on the damp, slime coated floor.

He looked back and seen the creature approach him. The smell was unbearable and he gasped for breath.

He put up his arm to defend himself from the thing looming over him and seen the slime begin to transform his hand.

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