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Rated: E · Fiction · History · #2213829
A two-part historical adventure set during the gold rush of 1849.
January 24th, 1848…
A man by the name of James W. Marshall, who was working at the time for John Sutter at Sutter’s Mill, had just found shiny metal in the trail race of a lumber mill that Marshall was building for Sutter on the American River. He brings the metal to Sutter, and began running tests on it; When it was shown that the shiny metal had turned out to be gold, John Sutter expressed dismay, and that he would very much like to keep the news quiet because he feared that his plans for an agricultural empire would turn to ruin if there was a massive search for gold…
Then, rumors began to spread that the discovery of gold, and it was not very long that individuals began seeking to benefit from the “gold rush”; And everyone would travel to California to seek their very own fortune in gold. John Sutter’s business plans had been ruined, as he had feared, as a result from this gold rush-His workers left him in search of gold, while squatters took over his land while at the same time stole his crops and cattle. And so, every person would travel to California in what I would like to call “Gold Fever”, while Sutter became mournful due to the ruining of his business…

Deep in the prairies of Texas in April 1849, there lives a poor family, just struggling to get by: A woman by the name of Gwen, her husband David, and their two children, a son, and daughter, Harold & Margret. They had been doing substantially well at their farm, at first, but then, everything went downhill. And with the fact that things had taken a turn for the worse for them, this family had been struggling by, scraping every dollar and cent just so that they could put food on the table.
But then, the family had heard of that gold rush in California from one of their friends, as well as Gwen’s sister. They were told that they would have quite a fortune if the found the gold. So, with that, the family began thinking about this incredible news and figured that if they would finally find the gold, then maybe, just maybe, it would turn their lives around. David, Gwen’s husband, just could not agree more.
And so, a few days later, a wagon train driven by a friend of the family had arrived to take the family to California. They had packed all their belongings, hopped onto the wagon, and then finally went on their way to California to search for the gold. The family was very much certain that, once they would finally find the gold, they would be rich, and would be free of their poverty once and for all.

Three days have passed, and Gwen, David, Harold, and Margret were still on the wagon, wondering if they were ever there yet; Then, there happen to be storm clouds brewing. Lightning flashed, and then, wind and rain fell. The family and their friend tried to move on in their wagon, but they could not, so they had to hide out in the shelter until the thunderstorm had passed.
When the storm was all over, the family and their friend then hopped on their wagon and then moved on. Soon, they went over the mountains of that golden state.
When night fell, everyone was tired, and they had decided to stop for the night; Then they all went to sleep underneath a crisp, clear sky that was filled with stars. David slept and began to have this dream about what he would have once he and his family found that gold; First, he would be rich, and then he and his family would have enough in their lives to make them happy and content. Then, they would move to a much better house than that farm that they had been living in all of those years, and then they would be building a brand-new farm filled with brand-new animals, such as chickens, geese, cows, etc.…
Then, it was morning, and David and his family woke up, as well as their friend, whom we might never know his name. They then went back on the wagon and continued in their journey to find the gold. Suddenly, they were stopped, and then they see a group of snakes slithering in front of them!

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