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by AJW
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Jill looks out at the window and starts thinking about her husband. And how long it has been since he has left.

"Only when you leave does my heart skip a beat. As I wait for your return, the agony lasts eternally. The pain is like a ship sailing against a powerful storm. But our love will keep us going no matter what. I have counted the days when we would meet again. Oh, how much I adore you like no other. You are my one true love."

When Gary, her husband, returns she sprints to the door and greets him with a gigantic smile.

"Here you go. Here's your favorite ice cream with extra bananas and coconuts"

"Thanks so much. I have been waiting for weeks to have some, ever since I started this new diet."

As Jill eats her ice cream, she holds the container tight in her arms, as if it was a new born baby. Gray gives her a weird look as he watches his
wife eat her ice cream with such passion.

"Wow, you really do love that ice cream. Should I be jealous?"

"Yes. In fact, now is the time to tell you that I am leaving you for this ice cream. Sorry."

Jill looks down at her ice cream and whispers 'I love you', in a comical way.

She laughs as Gray walks into another room.

"Thanks for the ice cream."

Jill continues to eat her ice cream and thinks to herself; I love cheat day.
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