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by Noctis
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2214291
(+18years)Nobita shrinks himself in Shizuka's home.She and her mother are unaware of this.
Nobita had arrived to Shizuka's home without telling anyone. He's been a lover of giantess for a very long time and with the small light that he 'borrowed' from Doraemon along with other inventions, he is going to fulfill them with the girl he loves.

Deciding to not wait anymore, he proceeds to knock on the door and, after hearing a reply, shrinks himself with the small light to half of an inch tall. The once light footsteps were now thunderous tremors. The door opens and almost inmediantly a giant white-socked foot lands in frot of him with the force of and earthquake. After the initial shock, Nobita looks up to see the colosal form of Shizuka's mother; despite being a married woman for many years until recently when she and her husband divorced and kept Shizuka and their possessions, she was still a young and beatifull woman, and now that Nobita was seeing her at a tiny size, she was like a goddess, being taller than a skyscraper. He snapped out of it when he hear her powerfull, yet gentle voice: "Huh? I swore I heard a knock on the door, must have imagined". Thinking fast, Nobita decided to grab a hold the white sock and he got dragged in."This smell, so nasty, yet so mesmerizing~" said Nobita after smelling the giant sock fabric, if this was the smell through the socks, how powerfull would the bare feet smell be? He was getting excited with only thinking about it.

Once the foot landed on the middle of the hallway, he quickly jumped and landed on the floor watching the mature goddess walk away to the kitchen, probably to have an snack. He had his chance now, if he wanted to do this with the girl he loved, he would have to go to the place where he would (almost)always find her: the bathroom.

He started to run towards the bathroom door, lucky for him, when he jumped from Shizuka's mom foot, he landed 'near' the door. Just when he arrived, he heard tremors, the ground started to shake, and then he heard a booming voice behind him: "Mom, I'm going to take a bath!". It was Shizuka going down the stairs towards the bathroom!

Thinking quickly, Nobita sneaked inside the bathroom (luckily the door was open), and ran into a corner to avoid getting seen or stepped on.
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