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Here is the exciting conclusion of my two-part story...
The wagon driver, who was the family’s friend, got off his wagon once they saw the snakes. He then took out cinnamon and cloves, which then drove the snakes away! The family was free from the oncoming menace of the snakes, and they thanked the wagon driver for saving them. And so, they continued in their journey to find the gold in California.
Then night fell again and the family and their wagon-driver friend stopped off in the woods for the night and went to sleep under clear skies. But when morning came, they continued again, and while they did so, snow began to fall on the ground, making it quite difficult for them to travel to that certain place where gold is discovered. So, while they were struggling to get there in the snow, a cowboy riding his horse arrived and followed them to his house, where they had stopped off there until the snowstorm was over.
As the family and their wagon driver friend were staying at his house, the cowboy asked them, “Wonder why you have been traveling at such a long time, and especially at such weather like this?” Gwen answered, “Well, we have heard that there was gold discovered in California, and we have figured that we would travel there so that we could find the gold and then become rich, and to have enough food as well as a roof over our heads to get us by.” “Gee,” the cowboy exclaimed, “I’ve never quite heard of this here gold rush, but I would very much like to know more about it.” So, it was with that that the family and their friend continued telling the cowboy more about the gold rush.

Morning finally came, and the snowstorm passed. The cowboy agreed to join the family on their journey to find the gold in California, so he led the family and their wagon-driving friend as they got on the wagon and went on their way…
And then, suddenly, they had finally reached California, the place where gold was discovered. It was June of 1849, and it was possible that gold could be found anywhere in California. So, they got off the wagon, took the gold prospecting supplies that they had packed along with them, and then they began digging…
A few hours had passed, and they had found nothing. However, they keep digging. They dig, and dig, and dig some more. After a whole entire day, they had found nothing. Nothing, nothing, NOTHING! Gwen’s husband David grabbed a fistful of dirt and wondered if all of that searching and dreaming, as well as digging, was all for nothing. All they had to show for their efforts was just dirt. Nothing else. But then, David heard the clicking of what sounded like a gun, and it was a gun!

David and his family turned around, and there was the cowboy, who is now suddenly in a foul mood, who had just pulled out his gun and began aiming at the family. “YOU LIED TO ME!” he yelled, “YOU SAID THERE WAS GOLD THAT HAD BEEN DISCOVERED!!” Gwen was very shaken and nervous; she told him that someone had told her and her family that the gold had been discovered, not her. But the cowboy did not ever believe her. He told the family to put their hands up, and then revealed to them that he too planned on going to California to search for the gold, so that he would have enough money for himself, and to rip off poor families like this one! “I never really cared about you or your stupid ambitions,” he said, “I just want to gold all to myself, and not to poor little saps like yourselves! But since you have all lied to be, I guess that it is time for me to finish each of you off…”
Then, the cowboy aimed his gun, and was about to kill David and his family, as well as their wagon-driving friend, when the sheriff arrived and arrested the cowboy! The family was so very relieved!
The family then told the sheriff the whole, entire story of their gold rush adventure, as well as how it would help them because they have been in poverty so very long. And so, with that, the sheriff invited the family to come and live in California, and to help them in any way he can. The very next year, the family was living in a brand-new house, as well as the fact that they have a brand-new farm, with lots of chickens, cows, and other animals that would help the family survive and thrive, as well as start a brand-new life…

You know, there happens to be an old saying that “Gold is where you find it.” While that may be true in some cases, there are the truest things that are gold in this world: Friendship, family, and love. And love is far more precious than gold.
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