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A moth sits, bathing in the dark, on a piece of wood. He will not be there for long...

Celestial Orientation

Moth sits, bathing in the dark,

on his column of wood that has shed its bark

He is alert and deeply aware

antennae pointed light-wards, navigation for the air

He knows he will soon vacate his perch,

an oasis of relief from his endless search

Pollination remains his essential quest

though nectar-sipping does require a rest

The post beneath him is polished and smooth

granting him comfort when his wings won't move

Big round rails are useful in this scene

for the moth to sit upon in between.

To him, the structure is a bee-hee-moth,

a pillar of strength for his wings-like-cloth

It is for him such a comfortable couch,

but for human carvers work allows no slouch

A raggedy stripe runs down his wing,

the colour of chalk on a nocturnal thing

The chalk-wing blackboard's chiaroscuro ground

provides shadow-light as a silent sound

The frame of wood makes for intricate art

but Nature reminds humans, "we are not apart"

A faint trace of rings is written on the wood

the place where the tree's Being has patiently stood

Moth sits, bathing in the night

a small still figure illumined by the light

Soon, he too, will leave his earthly post

celestial orientation for a tiny winged ghost.

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